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Frank Breech 36 Weeks

Hi everyone.  Is anyone else in the situation of having a frank breech?  I just had an ultrasound confirm it today.  I'm 36 weeks.  They told me I either have to have an ECV or schedule a c section.  At this point I'm leaning towards having the ECV done.  I absolutely do not want a c section for too many reasons to count. 

I'm feeling really depressed today about the fact that he isn't in the right position.  No one in my family has ever had a c section or a breech baby and I know there's nothing wrong with me but I still somehow feel like a failure if I end up needing a c section.  And no amount of positive affirmations about c sections, me, or the baby is making a difference in my feelings on that.  I feel like I'm being robbed of my birth experience.

I'm also really confused because when he hiccups I always feel them on top of my bladder.  Also I feel lots of light movements regularly below my belly button.  Kicks are always on the upper left side of my belly.  Everything online says those are indications that he is head down but when I asked the ultrasound tech about that, she said she couldn't explain it because he is facing my back and has his feet and hands all up at his face.  Obviously, I believe the tech but it's just throwing me off because I really thought we got him in the right position.  For the past month I've been going to a chiropractor to help with opening my pelvis and doing lots of exercises at home to make sure he was able to get into the right position to make birth easier on both of us.  Apparently it was all for nothing.  

Re: Frank Breech 36 Weeks

  • Keep doing your exercises, check out spinning babies if you haven’t already. And start mentally preparing for the possibility of a C-section. You can do an ecv but you may still end up with a c section. This is not a failing of you or your body or your baby. It is just how it worked out this time. Look into gentle c sections and ask what options your hospital offers.
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  • Don’t think of your efforts as being “all for nothing,” that’s such an awful feeling. You’ve been doing everything in your power to help baby get into position for a safe delivery. But the reality is, there are still things completely out of your control. C sections are performed in these circumstances when they offer the best possible outcome: healthy mama and healthy baby. So try to reframe your perspective around that goal. Don’t give up on your exercises, be honest with your care team that you’re disappointed and worried about a possible c section, and work on accepting that you cannot control every aspect of this experience. You’re doing great and I hope baby gets into better position soon!
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  • I am 36+2 and confirmed today my boy is frank breech as well. Did you go for the ECV? Was it successful?
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