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  • @taylorharris0522  Sorry, that doesn’t sound fun at all! 🙁

     I’ve definitely had periods where I get super hot even though it’s still freezing here and our house isn’t overly warm, but I can usually manage by reducing layers and drinking some ice water.  

    This is an out there theory, but could you be experiencing blood sugar swings? I’ve had similar symptoms of feeling nauseous, flushed, and overall woozy when my blood sugar is out of whack. 
  • @tango_612 I failed my last one hour glucose test (only two digits high) but I passed the three hour one hour test. They tested me at an hour and my numbers were fine. I’ll ask my OB or midwife at my next visit on Thursday. 
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  • @taylorharris0522 sorry, I’ve gotten hot flashes and felt warm in general but not as bad as what you’ve described. Maybe get a personal fan and stay away from heavy clothing ? Hope your midwives have better suggestions.
  • I saw my midwife today. Getting tested for preeclampsia. :/ Hopefully it’ll be negative. I’ve never had an issue with my blood pressure in the past, but I am having some of the symptoms such as swelling ankles and headaches. The hot flashes may just be crazy blood pressure and that’s how my body is reacting. It’s gonna be really bad if I do have it because I already have a seizure disorder. I hate this because I can’t do anything to prevent it… just pray the tests are negative and the hot flashes are hormonal. 
  • @taylorharris0522 oh no!! Praying it’s not pre-e but that whatever it is gets resolved!
  • b_1029b_1029 member
    @taylorharris0522 I hope everything comes back negative! Keep us posted! 
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  • @taylorharris0522 FX it’s not pre-e!
  • @taylorharris0522 oh my! Hoping for good news for you!
  • @taylorharris0522 oh no! Fingers crossed it’s not pre-e! 
  • I’m having so much anxiety about the pre e test! I won’t get results until Monday but I’ve been regularly taking my blood pressure and it’s sometimes high (usually during my hot flashes) but it’s usually okay. By “okay” I mean it’s like 120/70! Basically prefect so hopefully it’s just hormonal? Pre e, from what I understand is constant high BP, not intermittent. My pulse rate is very fast though. My watch says I’m averaging 95bpm even on days where I’m taking it extra easy. So I’m going to talk to them about that when I see them about the pre e results. 
  • @taylorharris0522 my pulse has been pretty high in the last couple days due to extreme anxiety...and my bp is quite low. Do you think the high pulse could just be anxiety??
  • I had to look up the pulse stuff too! Mine has been really high as well, and can apparently just be on the strain of pregnancy and cramped organs
  • I had pre eclampsia with my last pregnancy and I was like 157/92 so if it usually stays lower I think that they’ll have you monitor it maybe take baby aspirin as an extra measurement (I’ve been taking it since the start of the 2nd trimester this time around). Fingers crossed it’s nothing too serious.
  • kham130kham130 member
    @taylorharris0522 my pulse has been high as well and my watch has given me high heart test notifications twice now (over 100 bpm during periods of rest). My midwife said it can happen more after eating or a hot shower, but could also be random. 
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