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Morning sickness

Does anyone have any morning sickness remedies? I am 7 weeks and m doctor will only see me at 9 weeks. Nausea kicked in this week and I am finding it unbearable!!

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  • Hi, knottie, and welcome. This is a great post for either February Symptoms, The Great Big Question Thread, or even the Ask a ST+ Mom thread. A lot of moms on here are experiencing morning sickness, so this topic has been touched on a bunch. We try to discourage one-off threads that already have appropriate threads dedicated to the subject, as it helps keep the board organized. 

    Also, it would be great if you could please change your username so we can get to know you better!
  • My opinion, I like one off posts like this because I can reply to targeted conversations instead of reading through pages of posts that I have no interest in. Like I won't even introduce myself on the 170+ introduction post because I just get lost in a sea of comments. 

    Unfortunately, I have bad morning sickness and constipation. I'm 8 weeks. I take senna and colace for constipation and I called my doctor who advised me to take Unisom. I have used it once and my tummy feels so much better! It's a night time sleep aid but it help with morning sickness and was recommended by my doctor and a friend. I got mine off Amazon. The other name is doxylamine succinate. I took a half of a tablet last night but I'm going to take a full one tonight.  I also got Pinkstork prenatal probiotic. It has vitamin B6 and probiotics to help with gut health. I still feel a bit off but I feel much better then yesterday. 
    I hope this helps. Just try to do what you can. You are growing a human ♥️ 
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  • @mcorinne2404 I think of the introductions thread as when you are in a big seminar and the leader says “let’s go around the room and introduce ourselves” kind of thing - a helpful exercise but not really meant for interaction. 
  • Welcome to the First Trimester Morning Sickness Club (not such a fun club though). I am 7 weeks in and am enjoying my pregnancy glow , aka nauseous as heck. I find that ginger (either tea or chewing it) works for me. It is all natural so I feel better about taking it. Hope it helps
  • I had really debilitating nausea from 6-9 weeks. My OB recommended b6 and unisom and it really did help get me functional again. Unisom at night, with 25mg of b6 every 4 hours. In stores I had trouble finding that low of a dose, so I ordered from Amazon. It took around 5 days to really feel the affects, but once it kickes in it was night and day. Right now I'm down to taking the b6 once in the morning and once at night with the unisom. 
  • I am really going through it with the nausea. At least half of what I eat or drink comes back up, even water. My midwife recommended Unisom and b6, but warned me not to drive, as it will make me drowsy. Unfortunately, my line of work requires that I be alert and not mentally compromised. Does the Unisom make you drowsy when taken for nausea?
  • The unisom definitely does knock me out so I only take it at night. The b6 throughout the day really seemed to help though! 
  • Unisom makes me sleepy.  I am a nurse and I don't take it during the day.  I still throw up in the morning and dry heave or throw up during the day. I take vitamin B6 if I can keep it down during the day. 

    Honestly I'm just counting down the days until the second trimester. I hear it gets better.  

    I now have gingivitis because of all the puke. I brush 2 times a day and after I puke. Brush my teeth tends to trigger throwing up in the morning especially. I'm going to add mouth wash to see if that helps calm things down.  

    You got this! It's going to be very worth it 🙂
  • @mcorrine2404
     My friends with HG say to never brush after you puke because you just spread the acid around your teeth. I think they recommend rinsing with mouthwash if you can or water at the very least but wait to brush. 
  • I'm 13 weeks. 20lbs down and still puking. The doctor gave me Zofran and promethazine. I feel a bit better but I still feel like puking all the time.  Baby must be healthy but I miss eating and enjoying food.  
  • @mcorinne2404 my friend helps run a HG group on Facebook. I'm pretty sure she has a standard copy and paste response for meds so I'll ask her. A lot of doctors don't know how to treat HG.
  • I don’t know if this will make you feel better or not but my nausea last pregnancy fully went away at week 18. So it took forever, but it did resolve 😅
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