Pregnant after a Loss

I had a late miscarriage at 14week 6 day

I had a late miscarriage at 14 weeks 6 day had to get a d&c can you get pregnant again after having a d&c this was my first d&c the first baby I was carrying stop growing at 6 weeks can any please give me some.advice I want to keep trying to become a mom but I'm scared it will keep happening in miscarriage I'm 40 year old I don't know if I'm too old now but I really do want to be a mom 

Re: I had a late miscarriage at 14week 6 day

  • hi there I am also 40 and I had two miscarriages this year, I had a D&C after the first one; it's actually easier than the pill, and will not affect your future fertility. The only thing that I have noticed a difference between a D and C and the pill is that you will get your period back a week or so later than if you do it with the pill. again, I'm so sorry that happened to you. It's a horrible feeling, but rest assured you will get pregnant again and have a rainbow baby. Just dont give up! You're not alone ❤️❤️❤️
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