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October 2022 Moms

Sunday Smiles

Hopes it’s okay to start a post! If I missed on like this sorry! I would love to have a weekly gratitude post where we share the things from the week that we are grateful/thankful for! 


Re: Sunday Smiles

  • @hotmessexpress89 love this thread idea!

    Today my gratitude and smiles are for my 4 year old’s new swim teacher, who has been amazingly patient and encouraging and is getting her through a pretty significant mental block and regression in swim lessons. Seeing her getting back to swimming confidently with a big smile on her face instead of tears made my weekend!
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  • merostomatamerostomata member
    edited March 2022
    I'm thankful for my husband, who has been a CHAMP taking take of our toddler, making dinners, doing her baths, and pretty much everything while I'm a non-functional lump. I really appreciate it so much <3 

    Also, my 3 year old has been so silly and fun! Recently, she's been much more conversational, fun and even cooperative. It's been really fun to make recipes or go on walks with her. She's been almost like a little friend, which I've appreciated so much when I've been feeling down.

    Anyway, like everyone else I'm just thankful for my little family for supporting me and generally being awesome.

    @hotmessexpress89 that's so sweet! You deserve it, hope it was as amazing as it sounds!
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