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High risk

Hi everyone, 1st pregnancy and I’ve been told my pregnancy will be high risk (which I knew if I ever got pregnant it would be) but I find it very strange that no OB wants to see me until my 10th week of pregnancy. Anyone else high risk and not being seen until closer to the end of first trimester? Went and got a ultrasound at a ultrasound studio yesterday and my little chicken nugget is looking/sounding good!

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    @smiley6271220 hi! we are trying to encourage group discussion and this is a great idea for a thread. Maybe you can edit it to be more of a “check in” for others to join you? Here is an example from another BMB

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    Hi @smiley6271220
    I'm 8 weeks, considered high risk as well and haven't even been booked in with an OB yet... my family doctor plans to refer me after my 8 week ultrasound. 
    Enjoy having less appointments for now! 
    Best wishes.
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    I am high risk and wont be seeing the high risk group until 12 weeks. I am going to get weekly u/s but it’s because I insisted and with my history no one will tell me no- it’s less about monitoring for my health or the babies health - it’s solely for peace of mind. Many high risk situations aren’t high risk until your pregnancy advances so the first couple of weeks there is not much drs can do, so they let the pregnancy run it’s course. 
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