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Measuring behind and very worried

I am not sure when I ovulated as my cycles are so irregular 32-42 days long. I was doing OPKs but the month I conceived never actually got a positive OPK. I tested positive with a very very faint positive on 1/30. My last period was 1/1. I went in to my confirmation ultrasound today and I was only measuring 6 weeks 1 day. There was a strong heart beat that the doctor could see but they said I was too early to hear. My doctor said she is not worried at all and everything looks great especially since there was a heart beat. I don’t have another appointment for five weeks. Is this normal? I’m so worried that I’m measuring that far behind.

A side note is that the doctor was really struggling performing the ultrasound as the sonogropher wasn’t there that day. She even measured several times and had be hold my breath because she said my breathing was making my stomach move and it was hard for her. Anyone had similar experiences?

Re: Measuring behind and very worried

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    bows22bows22 member
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    @maddie3006 hi! I saw you posted this question in the Ultrasounds thread and got some good feedback. I don’t think anyone will be able to help any more than that. We try not to make individual posts with questions that only apply to one person because it can make the main posts hard to find. 

    Also, If your doctor isn’t worried then you should try not to be either. A heartbeat is a great sign and all you can really do is wait. I did have to hold my breath once during my ultrasound too.
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    maddie3006maddie3006 member
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    Oh I never saw my replies this is hard to see on my phone I’ll check for replies in my computer!
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