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Sharing the News

Have you announced your pregnancy to anyone yet? Tell us the fun (or boring!) way you shared the news!

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    @krthouse that is so cute!!!

    @bows22 I love the idea of incorporating your IF stuff into the announcement!

    The only people I’ve really told have been the people who knew we were doing IVF so there was nothing special to it. My in-laws are coming to visit for Easter so I’m planning on having the girls wear “I’m going to be a big sister” shirts and seeing how long it takes them to notice. For our social media announcement I want to wait until after the anatomy scan just because I’m paranoid but it actually lines up with our trip to Disney in June. I want to get a picture of the 4 of us in front of the castle and wear a Disney maternity shirt that says “snacking for two”. 
    TTC History
    Me: 35 DH: 34
    Married 07/2012
    DD born 07/2014
    DD2 born 10/2018
    DS born 10/2022

    IF history:
    TTC #2 since January 2016
    June-Aug 2017: 3 IUIs w/Clomid = BFN
    Sept 2017: Dx w/Endometriosis
    Oct 2017: IUI w/Letrozole = BFN
    Nov 2017: IUI w/Letrozole = BFN
    Dec 2017: pre-IVF testing
    Jan-Feb 2018: IVF--17 eggs retrieved, 13 fertilized, 9 frozen and 1 transferred on 2/10 = BFP on 2/19!!! EDD 10/29/2018
    FET Oct 2021: BFP on 10/31! MC at 5 weeks
    FET Feb 2022: BFP on 2/15! EDD 10/29/22

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    @hotmessexpress89 before we started trying again I had a gorgeous sushi feast and we shared a big bottle of prosecco to send those things off right 😂
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    Our 4 year old is very in tune to change and listens too well to our conversations- so we knew it wouldn’t be a secret kept very long. She was able to keep it quiet at daycare- I don’t blame her for telling her best friend… but we thought it would be unnecessarily stressful for her to keep quiet around family. So we bought a Big Sister shirt and took a video at my parents after she took her sweater off. My mom started jumping around and told her she’ll be an awesome big sis - my step dad got a little teary and just hugged me in shock.
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    Btw love all of y’all’s reveal ideas! Too cute!!
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    @jcw2018 This is so cute!!!
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    tpecitpeci member
    Cute! We all tested positive for COVID the same day I got my BFP so that was that. We sent a picture to the immediate family with all of our positive tests. My family got it right away, the in-laws took a bit more time haha

    We don't do social media so people will find out eventually when I see them once first trimester is done.
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    edited March 2022
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    How you STM+ sharing the news with your older children? This is baby #4 and this is the first pregnancy for me where my kids (6,5,3) are old enough to really understand what it means that we are “expecting” another baby. Would love to hear how others have shared the news.
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    @kricron With my daughter we just told her that we were going to have another baby in the family and that she’d be a big sister. She was maybe 2.5, almost three, and it didn’t really land until we got a bunch of books that talk about becoming a big sister, bringing a new baby home, etc. I find that with a lot of major life things books that cover the topic really help. One she likes and still asks to read is “What’s in there? All about before you were born.”

    Now that she’s five, she really gets it. I just sat with her for a little bit and explained that she was going to be a big sister again and that I was growing a baby in my tummy. I tried to keep it simple. She was excited. Apparently she then told her entire class hahaha. The kids at school talk about it all the time, which is too funny.

    Don’t know if that helps, but I do recommend a simple chat and books to reinforce and have the opportunity to talk about what is coming and what changes! It has worked for us.
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    I just got my 8w ultrasound Friday. Told my mom on Saturday bc we were afraid I eas going to barf at her house while I was visiting. We told her via a wine bottle label. We will probably do the same for almost everyone. We will be waiting till around Easter to tell everyone else. 
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    We don’t do social media, but I do send out a monthly family newsletter via email to about 40 close friends and family. I’m so torn between announcing or saying absolutely nothing until I have a human to introduce 😆 is that too wild?

    obviously my very best friends know & our parents. And then of course any and every stranger between the grocery store cashier and people at church get told “I have a baby in my mommy’s belly” from my 4 year old 😅

    but anyway…I’m leaning pretty strongly into not “announcing”. It’s kind of like if you actually see me, you know. But if it’s going to be a while until you see me or would see my family…you’ll know when you know 🙃 
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    It feels very funny that because I'm showing early I'm pretty obviously pregnant to my coworkers and some clients, and yet many of my friends have no idea if they haven't seen me in person. Announcing is going to feel so silly when I've been bumpy for like 3 weeks!
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    @amille525 absolutely adorable!!
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