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Hi everyone! This is my first post here but I am 25 y/o and found out I was pregnant a few weeks ago with my first child. Yesterday marked 7 weeks and my due date is October 12th from my calculations! We are super excited over here! I was just wondering if anyone in here has an ostomy? I have a permanent ileostomy (I had my surgery Jan 2020 due to Crohn’s disease). Tomorrow I go to a ultrasound place that I found in my city to hopefully hear my little chicken nugget’s heartbeat and see a spec! Other than me wondering that I am very excited for this journey with you all! :) 

Re: Ostomy?

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    @smiley6271220 welcome! It would be great if you could introduce yourself on the Introductions thread. We also have The Great Big Question thread that would be a great place for you to post your question about ileostomies. I haven’t seen anyone else post about having one, but it’s worth asking! We try to discourage one-off posts when we have other areas that are on topic. 
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    Welcome! It can take some time to get the hang of the board format. I wanted to send you some love here though! Crohns is so awful (close friend and family member have it).  Wishing you a healthy pregnancy! I hope you can also find some mommas that fit this too. I would also ask it in the 1st trimester board. That way moms in close birth moms who may have this can connect with you to. 
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