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19 month old tantrums 😵

My daughter is now 19 months old and has started having tantrums daily. She either pours everything on the floor and hits when told to stop or throw things and has a look of "she means business" afterwards. What are some tips that I can take to control this, without having to pop her? She is also very aggressive towards other kids her age.

Re: 19 month old tantrums 😵

  • Toddlers being toddlers ... They don't have terrible twos for nothing! 
  • Your story sounds exactly like mine down to the gender and age. She hits and bites and throws herself down and screams. When u try picking her up she contorts her body. What I do is get her to my eye level and try to not let her see how frustrated I am and tell her why she can’t have whatever it is I’m taking away from her. Explain it is dangerous and I’m not taking it away just to make her mad but for a good reason. My Elizabeth can be the sweetest little girl and then when she is tired, watch out. I also have tried doing the corner thing. One minute is like an eternity. I think I did 2 or 3 mins. You can’t let them see your upset then they will feed off of it. Anyways I just thought I would tell u my experience. Good luck
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