Pregnant after a Loss

BFP after CP/MC! **symptoms + HCG levels

I had a very early MC in October and in January finally got my BFP! I thought I would share my symptoms from both my MC cycle as well as my BFP cycle, including the actual HCG levels taken via lab test, in case it helps anyone else going through something similar. 

January cycle - ending in BFP!

  • DPO 3-6 - heavy white CM, tired, stabbing pelvic pains (possibly stomach ache?), vag pressure, diarrhea, boob tingling and nipple soreness 
  • DPO 7 - boob tingling, diarrhea, severe bordering on painful bloating, acid reflux and heartburn, uterine tingling pulling, pee non stop 
  • DPO 8 - hunger pang (mild)+nausea(mild), tired, dizzy feeling?, watery lotion CM, boob tingling, kinda constipated??, indigestion/heartburn, boob hurting so much had to change bra 
  • 8/9 SLEEP - pregnancy dreams lol, very intense uterine pressure in the night. Woke me up had to change positions, gassy 
  • DPO 9 - phlegm in throat made me gag, constipation, 🥳solid BFP!!!😍 (Nervous anxiety about MC😖😭), gut pressure, phlegm in throat, boob soreness, moody and kinda depressed, gassy, burpy 
  • DPO 10 - STRONG BFP!!!!! feeling much more positive 🤞🏽😬🤞🏽, creamy CM, no symptoms in the morning, afternoon headache, exhaustion, bed by 740, acid reflux, bloating and MAJOR gas and burping lol 
  • DPO 11 - felt great all morning except for diarrhea right when I woke up, BFP same color as yesterdays, vvvv mild nausea afternoon, brown CM 😫, total panic, vf BFP, abdominal pressure/pulling, hunger panic, feeling more relieved at the hunger panic lol 
  • DPO 12 - strong BFP but not darker than yesterday (barely darker), thick brown CM, hunger panic, constipation, watery brown CM, nausea, dizzy, exhausted, emotional, farting everywhere, red CM with constipation BM, non stop urination
  • DPO 13 - much darker BFP, dark brown blood dried in panties, coffee grounds, HCG blood work taken (150 result), coffee grounds incl with CM and no blood, acid reflux / upchuck, nausea, fatigue
  • DPO 14-current - 🥳🥳🥳BFP DARKER THAN CONTROL LINE AS OF DPO 16🥳🥳🥳 afternoon fatigue, brown-pink mixed CM on and off, white, cream, light yellow and clear CM, mild nausea after eating sugar and processed foods, pooping is so weird. On and off constipation+frequent pooping, diarrhea. DPO 15 HCG lab work (650 result, which is more than double which means I'm on track). Sore boobs, hurts when walking, CM whiter than it was, slightly pink-brown after sex then white again, bloating insane, pulling tugging in gut is much less, vvvvv dark HCG line at 6 weeks preggo, v mild nausea on and off. fatigue / exhaustion on and off 

October cycle - ending in MC

  • DPO 3 - constipation and heavy milky white CM
  • DPO 4 - vag hurts and mild-moderate nausea in waves, concentrated after eating lunch and dinner
  • DPO 5 - sex, vag pain, crazy amounts of CM, intermittent nausea very mild, dizziness around 4pm, mild cramps
  • DPO 6 - severe hunger pangs, lower back pain, heavy milky white CM, nausea and dizziness 
  • DPO 7 - severe hunger, dizziness, exhaustion (nap needed), breast pain both sides consistently, nausea lasting severe, gagging when brushing teeth, sniffling, sore throat all symptoms concentrated in afternoon/evening, vomited a little, bad constipation, medium white CM
  • DPO 8 - constipation then diarrhea, lower abdominal twinges, leg soreness???, exhaustion (bed at 730 after sleeping 11 hours the night before, couldn’t manage Louis’s walk at 5pm), some heartburn and nausea, dizziness, bloating, mild boob tenderness, medium white CM
  • DPO 9 - insomnia and night sweats, medium white CM, hunger like no other, dizzy spells, mild nausea 
  • DPO 10 - night sweats, BFN on FRER, very mild cramps, dizzy, 2 breaksfasts in two hours of each other, heavy heavy white thick CM, very dizzy, need food, another BFN on cheapo, constipation followed by severe cramps but could be indigestion after bad ramen, urge to vomit lying in bed 
  • DPO 11 - minor mild twinges/cramps, exhaustion from morning to midday to evening, dizzy out of it feeling, frequent urination 
  • DPO 12 - BFN on cheapo, twinges and minor cramps, lower back pain, frequent urination, emotional at brunch lol, 7pm lower back severe pain, severe hunger, headache and vvvvvvvv light pink mixed with CM when I wiped, emotional, moderate cramps, bloating 
  • DPO 13 - insomnia, pregnancy dreams, back pain and moderate-severe cramps (all in the night), continued back pain, CM thicker mixed with brown , gassy, distracted and tired, ridiculously anxious, feel AF coming. All hope lost 😞 yoga class born again, much less cramping and back pain still some knots but not so bad. Brown inCM when I wipe getting less, pimples, feeling happy and optimistic 😂🤣😂🤣
  • DPO 14 - brown CM thicker this morning, dizzy out of it, bathroom at 1pm red blood with king stringy thingy, period def coming all hope def lost lol, brown CM gone in afternoon around 4pm. Just light brown liquid when I wipe. No CM. are cupcake and dry heaved. No idea what’s happening. Sitting on the floor wondering wrf is going on. More brown CM. 
  • DPO 15 - red sticky CM/blood. BFN on FRER. out for the month. Just waiting for AF. lower back cramps and pelvic cramps moderate
  • next 2 months, I had 3 periods two weeks apart 😞took a break from trying in December and cycle normalized. BFP in January cycle.

If my experience helps at all, I hope it shows that there is hope, that panic is (unfortunately) a part of the process, that cramping, a little bleeding and brown CM in early pregnancy can be normal for some people apparently (at least for one person, ie me lol).
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