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Brown Spotting

I’m 7+ weeks, have had a tiny bit of light brown spotting on and off for about two weeks. I notice it after wiping. My OB assured me this is normal and won’t have me come in until I’m about 9 weeks. Anyone else experience this? This is my second pregnancy. It’s caused so much anxiety! I didn’t have this with my first. 

Re: Brown Spotting

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    I've been experiencing this for several days as well. From everything I've read, if you're not feeling painful cramps and there is not heavier bleeding, spotting is normal. I'm a very anxious person but trying to trust this myself!
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    Hi knottie, and welcome. I’m sorry you’re dealing with this. We have a specific thread devoted to this called **TW** Bleeding/Spotting/Threatened Loss Support Thread. You will find good, relevant, and  helpful discussions there. We try to discourage one-off posting, particularly where there is an established thread devoted to the topic. Spotting can be completely normal, but if you have concerns about your spotting, you should definitely contact your OB/nurse. 
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