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GTKY 2/23

It’s Girl Scout Cookie Season! What’s your favorite? Does it match up?

Re: GTKY 2/23

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    I want all of them immediately. That probably says a lot about me….
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    We don't have most of these flavours in Canada! We do have thin mints though and those are my fave. Personality-wise I'm probably a thin mint tagalong do-si-do hybrid.
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    I posted this and then never had a chance to come back! My favorites are trefoils and the description may apply to my work life but not probably not my regular life. 

    We ordered a bunch of cookies from our neighbor and they are delayed but clearly they are on my mind 😅
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    pangolindromepangolindrome member
    edited February 2022
    I’m celiac and haven’t even had the chance to try the gluten free one they have 😅 but Thin Mints sound really good… although I definitely eat way more shortbread.
    If I’m being honest I would be a trefoils girl.
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    I had to laugh because I love Samoas and Thin Mints and neither of those fit me at all 😂 I’m neither east going or “brainy and impressive” I wish though 😅
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    Also thin mints kept in the freezer and eaten frozen is *chefs kiss*
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    @hotmessexpress89 not just thin mints but also frozen tagalongs. Yummmmm. 

    Trefoils are probably my favorite, and the personality description is annoyingly spot on!
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