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Any of you mommas experiencing this?

Hi mommas! I have had 2 other kiddos and I'm now 6 weeks and 3 days pregnant with my third. I find myself extremely tired during this pregnancy and nauseous pretty much all day, every day. I'm having tons of body aches and more headaches than normal. It's making it really hard to get anything done because all I want to do is sleep. Do any of you feel this way? 

Re: Any of you mommas experiencing this?

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    FTM here. I’ve been so exhausted since the last three-four weeks, maybe even five, I have trouble explaining it. I have never before wished I could quit my job until I stop being so freaking tired. Apparently my mom went down to 50% at work so she could sleep, but that was in Sweden with a very supportive system.

    I think it’s pandemic exhaustion combined with first trimester fatigue.

    It’s the same for the school year. I teach high school and have never been this tired this early, and the same goes for near all if not all my coworkers.
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    My nausea hit me at I think 7 weeks and continued, though lessening, until now, I’m currently 12 weeks! It suuuucked! At first I had it random times throughout the day, but then it became constant after noon until I went to bed. Lots of ginger tea and carbonated water! The carbonated water really helps. Put a little lemon in it and it’s not bad lol 
    The worst thing for me though was the fatigue, which I still have but not as bad as like a week ago. I’d sleep like all weekend and after work. Husband did a lot of cooking and cleaning while I was down. Which I’m grateful for. Felt guilty at first but then just accepted it. Your body is telling you to rest and that’s okay. 
    I am finally getting my energy back, which I know people say happens in the second trimester. 
    Just hang in there! 
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