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October 2022 Moms

What is your pregnant self DREAMING?

Y’all, I just had a very strange night.

If you’re comfortable sharing, what are y’all dreaming right now?

I’ll post tonight’s in the first comment.

Re: What is your pregnant self DREAMING?

  • I had three dreams last night… that I remember. They are in order of occurrence.

    1. In real life, we hang the laundry on a rack. In my dream, it was hanging in the bathroom. My husband likes to run the cold water when he uses the toilet, this part is real, but for some reason… my jeans were hanging over the bathtub (which we don’t have) and when he turned on the shower, it proceeded to soak my almost-dry jeans. I hurried him to turn it off. Then, I woke up.

    2. Was in a Generic Grocery Store with my dad (he’s in my home country, Sweden, if that matters, so 5000 miles away). This Very Strange Dude looks at me like I’m a box of peach fruit cups, at least that was my impression, and says “You’re a high quality box. You’re one of the good ones.”
    He then proceeds to stalk me while repeating the same exact line. I alert the store staff, they probably talk to him, my dad and I make our way to the pharmacy and I shove ahead in line up to the counter. I apologize, explain that this Very Strange Dude has been stalking me and I just need… I’m not actually sure what, some special can of fizzy water? Then, I woke up.

    3. Our dog buries her entire body into one of our floor-level cabinets, which is very unusual for her, and won’t let me pull her back out. I stick my head in there to check it out and hear the squeaking of several mice. I alert my husband to the vermin and while I do, a really chonky one makes its way out of the cabinet. I hesitate only a moment before I grab it by the tail like it’s no big deal. Then, I woke up.
  • this is my third pregnancy. I had the worst nightmares of my entire life during my first 2 pregnancies and this pregnancy I'm having some vivid ones but not as horrific as the ones i was having in my last pregnancies (although they're still horrible..). Last night I dreamt that my current partner died, my other baby daddy got out of prison and when I wiped there was blood (in my dream). All three scenarios are very different but all things I'm scared of.
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  • Hi! I’m SO glad you’ve started a thread like this. I’m super super concerned about a reoccurring dream I’ve been having. It’s not exactly the same every time, but it is similar in concept. For some background, I am happily married for 7 years and am a strong, born again believer. But anyway, the dream is basically about my first boyfriend (which I literally dated for 1.5 months the summer between middle and high school when I was 14). In my dream I’m chasing after him trying so hard to get him to love me. He usually doesn’t and actually wants nothing to do with me at all. Sometimes he does return the affection and it feels really good, until I remember im married in my dream and call out to the Lord and repent. What the heck is going on???? Why do I continuously dream about a middle school boyfriend? It’s so bizarre and makes no sense at all!!!!!!!! It’s got me so concerned that it literally makes me feel guilty throughout the day. Mostly because this has been happening for over a year. Basically since my first son was born. Help!!!!
  • knottieb78d750e3dd941db read in an article this The Bump app suggested to me that dreams about romance with people who aren't our partner can symbolize our changing relationship with them as we are pregnant. I wouldn’t feel guilty or worry about it, it is something your subconscious is working on :)
  • I don't usually remember my dreams and most of this one I didn't but I was walking through a corridor and saw my mother who passed away almost 3 years ago. For some reason I was aware of how important it was to stay with her. I got to touch her, hold her, kiss her. I spoke to her but I can't remember about what. I just wanted to stay with her. Somehow I half woke up and it was over. I feel asleep again but I don't remember the other dream. I started crying just writing this.
    I'm nervous about going through this process and even becoming a mother without my own mother.
  • Most of my dreams haven’t been scary, mostly just bizarre/anxiety inducing. Maybe because I’m a FTM anxieties are coming out in dream form. 

    I had a dream I chased a tiny pig into a costume store. In the store there were a bunch of purple velvet body suits and sparkly white capes. As I follow the pig into the back of the store there’s someone drawing watercolor scenes of people walking. As they finish drawing, the people in the drawing come to life as if they are animated but still a watercolor. I sit down and am told I have to sculpt the human version of a man with a pumpkin as a head which I start to do, then I wake up. 
  • @tiffxyz oh gosh, what a dream. That got me weepy just reading it. 

    @knottiea1474e344d5af3e6 anxiety-inducing and stressful dreams are my go-to these days. Mostly about work. Also, could you please change your username? It’s really hard to keep people straight and get to know members with the random knottie names. 
  • Here and there a bread basket has been in my dreams and day dreams. Today we had a bread basket while out for dinner and it was even better than the dreams. I'm curious if I'll keep dreaming about them or if tonight satisfied that subconscious messaging.
  • The other night I had a very intense stress dream about work, where they had plastic bags up at the registers (I work in a grocery store & we have a plastic bag ban in place) & I was on the war path to find out who put them there.
    Also that our receiving area had a ton of puppies up for adoption. Very cute puppies.
  • @cjhalliburton I think that’s a clear sign you need a puppy. 
  • I'm a 911 operator, and pre-pregnancy I felt like I did a good job not taking work home with me. Over the last 5.5 weeks I've had some of the most horrifically vivid and frighteningly violent nightmares. None of them are direct calls I've taken, but there's always an element of watching it remotely and being powerless to intervene. The nightmares are slasher flick levels of gory and terrifying, but I have trouble waking up. (Which is irksome, considered I'm waking up every 2 hours to pee.)

    On the other hand, I've also been having wonderfully vivid and tactile sex dreams. So that's been nice. Didn't know I still felt that way Brendan Fraser 😉
  • Well I honestly don't remember the specifics but it ended with a real life ... um ... 😳 ... O 

    🤣🤣🤣 not complaining just surprising.
  • Well I honestly don't remember the specifics but it ended with a real life ... um ... 😳 ... O 

    🤣🤣🤣 not complaining just surprising.
    Wow congratulations 🤣 
  • The other night I had an anxiety dream that I was a senior in college and suddenly realized that I didn't have any job lined up and also didn't know what kind of job I wanted and oh God what would I do with my life?!

    Then I woke up and remembered I'm in my mid-30s with a solid career. Phew!

    Also, ditto on the random horny dreams -- I have not done anything sexy for weeks because of my pregnancy symptoms, so my subconscious must be taking care of business in my sleep!
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