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Diarrea GI upset normal? 💩

This is 3rd pregnancy I’m 6w5d. I have been having off and on for a couple weeks now. I eat healthy, exercise etc… I don't recall this at all with my other pregnancies. I read that the hormones can affect the gut and cause constipation but clearly I’m having the opposite issue. Anyone have this too?

Re: Diarrea GI upset normal? 💩

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    @norcalmom2022 Yes, I have had this especially at the beginning of my 4 pregnancies (this is my 4th). Then the constipation comes and stats as I get bigger. 
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    Hi @norcalmom2022
    This is a great question for the “February Symptoms” threads where I’m sure you can find other members who have been dealing with similar symptoms. We try to avoid one off posts since they clutter up the board, especially when there is a dedicated thread for similar topics. It would also be great if you could introduce yourself in the “Introductions” thread so we can get to know you! 

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