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“Morning” sickness

Hi all, I am pretty sick during this pregnancy. With my son, I had nausea all day, everyday, but I never felt THIS bad. I had to call in sick yesterday and I work from home! I couldn’t even look at my phone and I had the blinds down all day long. I think i was only up for about 2 hours total yesterday. The night before that, I passed out and then threw up too. Today I’m feeling better, I’ve been sipping on ginger ale and ritz crackers with my seabands on (those were my only life savers with my first LO). Has anyone else had this bad of morning sickness? What are you doing to make sure the baby is getting the nutrition/fluid they need? I am 6W5D, this is my third pregnancy, but I lost my first early on. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Re: “Morning” sickness

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    I can’t say I was exactly that level of sick but week 6 and 7 kicked my ass (I’m week 8 tomorrow). Best advice I got was to keep a bowl of cheerios by my bed side for before I even left the bed. It helped elevate my blood sugar and give me enough energy to get out of bed. Then I immediately have another full bowl of cheerios with milk and a bowl of grapes. The sugar content is high and nutrition not the greatest but it was the only thing that made me get to noon.
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    Welcome, @kat_vegan87
    This is a great question for the "Great Big Question" or “February Symptoms” threads where a lot of our members have been dealing with similar symptoms. We try to avoid one off posts, especially when there is a dedicated thread for similar topics. It would also be great if you could introduce yourself in the “Introductions” thread so we can get to know you!
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    Hi Emily, I tried to post this in the big questions thread, but it somehow created its own thread. Is there a way to merge the two? Thanks! 
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    Unfortunately I don’t think The Bump has that capability, but you can always just copy and paste it into that thread! Glad to have you here!
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