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9 weeks measuring 6 weeks 4 days

So after 2 Etopic pregnancy I tested positive on 12th Jan 2022, I should be nine weeks my US measures 6 weeks and 4 days with no heartbeat. My only symptoms are sore breast I feel pretty fine should I be worried? I had an US 10 days ago and measured 6w1day. Anybody with similar issue thank you

Re: 9 weeks measuring 6 weeks 4 days

  • I'll be honest, if your certain about your dates, that doesn't sound good.  Strong likelihood of a missed miscarriage.  Please consult with your doctor for further evaluation, however - the Bump can't diagnose you, obviously. However, if you want to participate in this board, please read the "read first" thread and then also post an introduction.  We discourage one-off posts because it tends to clutter the board.
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