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Disposable diapers that don't end-up in land-fill?

Hello parents - Every time I toss my baby's diaper in the garbage a part of my soul dies a little as I envision the mountains of diapers that fill the landfills in the US. I do not see myself switching to cloth diapers. Has anyone tried compostable or biodegradable diapers? What has that experience been like? Please help!!!

Re: Disposable diapers that don't end-up in land-fill?

  • Oh wow, well, sorry I can't be of much help since my boy was born in 2014 and at least during those yrs I don't think I had the opction for compostable diapers... or maybe I did but I was just too ignorant at the time? lol... in any case, I have used cloth diapers and I can tell you is not as bad as it sounds, but it also depends a lot on your baby's diet and if your baby has an irritable tummy (poor babies, sometimes they do the little angels)... in any case, I used to take all the waste with a paper towel, or wipe. Throw it to the garbage, then double or tipple rinse the diaper before just putting it inside the rest of the laundry. The husband and I passed through some harsh times during those days so we couldn't be buying diapers easily, but it worked and we got used to it after a while. 
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