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Lola or Alaska IM TORN

My boys are Lane and Lake- argument for Alaska (my choice) I like different names and outdoorsy names. Ive had a really rough pregnancy and dont feel like compromising this time. Lola (husbands choice) does go well with the boys names and is similar to my name (Kayla). 

Lola Ember


Alaska Jean

Re: Lola or Alaska IM TORN

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    I love the name Lola. Alaska is cool too, but makes me feel cold. You’ll make the right choice 😉
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    I would go with Alaska, but I really like both!
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    Sorry but hands down Lola.
    Not a fan of Alaska- it’s a mouthful with no shortening options I can think of. Don’t like Jean either 
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    Married: October 2011
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    #3: April 2022
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    I mean Alaska Jean is cute. It follows my personal rule that if you hear it you already know how to spell it. Also Aly (sounds like Allie) could be a nick name. I would not hesitate to name a kid Alaska but it is different. That said I actually advocated Lola this time around for my kid and was totally shut down so I will have to say Lola but just because I really like that name.
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    I would rather have a Lola defend me in court than an Alaska. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
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    Personally, I like Lola better but that’s because I live in alaska and don’t necessarily think of it as a pretty name for a girl. But I'm sure your baby would pull it off. I say go with Alaska if you love it!
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    If you drop the A it is also an L name like your boys. Laska Jean. I love Jean as well because it was my grandmother's and sister's middle name. I've even considered it for a middle name! Either way Lola and Alaska are beautiful  😍 
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