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Subchronic Hematoma

My first post here, but have been enjoying reading along. We had a scare yesterday and thought we were losing the baby. We spent most of the day at hospital. Thankfully baby is okay and I was diagnosed with a subchronic hematoma between my placenta and uterine wall. Was told to resume normal activity and monitor. I’m told they’re common. This is my first pregnancy we’ve been TTC for two years (FET finally worked). We’re 6 weeks along, baby is okay and heartbeat is there. I’m taking Prometrium and estrogen daily. 

Anyone else have something similar?  

Re: Subchronic Hematoma

  • Welcome, @scarlette0! It would be great if you could do an introduction on the Introductions thread so we can get to know you. I’m so sorry you had the scare but am glad you got good news at the hospital.  The “TW Bleeding/Threatened MC” is generally where people post if they are going through something similar to what you experienced, so you can probably get an idea for other ladies here who might be dealing with similar situations. SCH are scary but also relatively common, and they’re just important to be monitored. 
  • @scarlette0 I had one with my first and again with this pregnancy. I shared about this recent one in the "TW Bleeding/Threatened MC" thread if you'd like some more info on what happened, but my midwife said so long as they're not really big, which would pick up in your ultrasound, SCHs are harmless. 
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