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Unpopular Opinion Thurs 2/17

What's your unpopular opinion for the week?
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Re: Unpopular Opinion Thurs 2/17

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    Got the book “expecting better” by economist Emily oster, so feeling like I’m going to be breaking a lot of “rules” when it comes to what to eat/drink. And feeling confident about it!
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    @knottie (try to change your username if you haven’t already! Sometimes you need to log out & back in for it to work) I haven’t read the book but have heard a lot about it. Last time my OB’s office didn’t have a lot of restrictions, I pretty much ate anything, but they have since been acquired by a hospital system so I wonder if they are going to be more conservative now that they are bigger. 
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    @knottie784df0e68d0bf214 Oh, that sounds interesting.  Out of curiosity, what kinds of food rules does the book say you can break?
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    I’m interested in hearing about the food/drink recommendations, too!
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