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How much did you spend on a baby shower?

I have about four people (mom, SIL x2, and a friend) generously all wanting to assist in planning in a shower. Can any of you recall how much was spent on your showers? I don't want anyone to feel like they are going overboard. My hope is to have this at a restaurant with a party room or something similar as many of the planners are from out of town and our own is quite small for hosting. 

Re: How much did you spend on a baby shower?

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    That varies so widely and honestly unless they asked you what you want you’re kind of just along for the ride. I’d maybe ask them how many people they’re willing to host and tailor your guest list from there.
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    I don't spend anything, my friends organized it
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    I have friends and family helping with mine. 

    so far:
    invitations $200 (I ordered them custom online with diaper raffle cards and books for baby cards)
    raffle/game prizes $60ish total
    hall $75 + $50 deposit which we will get back if we leave it clean
    center pieces: a friend is making
    decorations: an aunt is taking care of with $250 budget (what is left over will be used toward food)
    food will be the biggest expense and we are doing as much of it as we can ourselves. I just want apps and picky foods and maybe some salads and pasta/pizza. nothing crazy. I've hosted more people at my home and made things like that myself and I have a bunch of people helping me.

    I'm having fun so far. it's a halloween/witchy shower. hubs and I got married in salem on Halloween 2019 so it's kind of our thing lol

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    The cost of a baby shower can vary widely depending on factors like location, the number of guests, and the specific elements you want to include. It's considerate of you to ensure that no one feels like they're going overboard. You can have an open and honest discussion with the four individuals who are assisting in planning to set a budget that everyone is comfortable with. If you're considering hosting the shower at a restaurant with a party room, the cost may include venue rental, food, decorations, and gifts. Be sure to research potential costs in your area and plan accordingly to ensure a budget-friendly yet enjoyable event.
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