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Asana in first weeks

Where my yoginis at? I have a pretty strong daily ashtanga yoga practice, and have been regular about it for the last 7 years. I’m not quite 5 weeks, and I am feeling nervous about continuing my daily asanas. I’ve read stuff that basically says everyone is different, trust your body, and I feel good so I want to practice, but I’m curious what others are doing. It feels so early to me now to wake up and get there by 7:30. 

Re: Asana in first weeks

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    I’ve been taught that it’s safe to continue your yoga practice, with some modifications, and just paying extra attention to your body and how it may change what you can do. I love Brigette Finley - she encourages active moms to stay active, and has safety guidelines that aren’t overly conservative. https://www.brigettefinley.com/online-classes
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    In first trimester you can typically continue your practice relatively as is, however my midwife cautioned that you not push through your limits in a stretch in pregnancy. The relaxin hormone can allow you to extend beyond what is safe for your body and you can really hurt yourself. You also want to avoid exercises that risk diastasis recti. thebellemethod on Instagram has some great info videos about diastasis recti and the coning to watch out for.  I did prenatal yoga through 2nd and 3rd trimesters with my son and found it really beneficial. 
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    I also do regular yoga! What I have been told is first trimester you can practice as normal, but then after that you'll want to start modifying to avoid putting weight on your baby bump or doing any deep spinal twists.
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    I just did my first prenatal yoga session with a teacher this last weekend. I’ve been doing yoga on and off for a few years now but didn’t know what was okay with baby. 

    My teacher told me not to do any twists and if I’m nauseous she doesn’t recommend any inversions. The most I can do down is childs pose lol

    Other than that, as everyone else has said, just do what your body is comfortable doing. Once you get past the first trimester you’ll have to modify more for your growing belly :) 
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    Right there with you - I started yoga teacher training in January, found out I was pregnant in February. Planning on keeping going but taking it easy. The trainers seem ok with that... we'll see. The main thing is its just so tiring.. the last training weekend was rough on me. But yeah, just trusting my body to tell me what not to do and basically not doing inversions at this point.
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