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Measuring 2 Weeks early?

So my due date is supposed to be April 23rd. The last 2 appts I’ve had I’ve been measuring 2 weeks ahead, so last week at my appt my doctor told me I was measuring 31 weeks. My first baby my belly measured right on time so this is new to me. I feel like my belly is about the same size as it was with my first daughter when I was around 31 weeks. So I’m curious to know has this happened to anyone else? Was your due date wrong? Or was your baby big? 

Re: Measuring 2 Weeks early?

  • The measurements aren't super reliable and their size doesn't really mean you will go into labor early or later so I wouldn't worry about it.
  • Could also have to do with amniotic fluid if they're just going by belly size. Search oligohydramnios and polyhydramnios so you can have a conversation with your doctor.
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  • I echo @robbenson. Take the measurements with a grain of salt. When your doc is concerned, then take notice. Babies, and kids for that matter, have a mind of their own and grow differently. It doesn't necessarily mean that it's not normal or cause for concern. Fundal height can vary with subsequent babies too as you are typically a bit larger carrying second+ babies. Also keep in mind that ultrasounds can be off with their weight predictions. I've found that they can be off by a lbs or so in either direction. With that said, bring up your concerns with your gyno. 



  • Fundal height measurements are just yet another in the list of prenatal “diagnostics” that are arbitrary and estimated, like cervical dilation and fetal weight, and if your OB doesn’t say anything about it then it isn’t an issue.
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