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Pregnant after infertility (PAIF) 2/9

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Note: This thread will include discussion of infertility and loss. If these topics are triggering for you, please take care of yourself while reading and posting here.

This thread is for those of us who went through infertility testing/treatments/transfers before becoming pregnant. Many have had different struggles to get to this place and face different anxiety and concerns. This thread is a space to support each other, and we hope it will be a safe space. Please feel free to post here at any time during the week/month, whether for good news or bad. Consider this an ongoing conversation. 

This thread is for those who have experienced infertility. The struggles we discuss may or may not apply to those who became pregnant easily. If you have not experienced infertility, please be considerate and sensitive if you feel the need to post in this thread. 

(do not feel obligated to utilize the 'structure' but some questions are below to get started if you want to share, but aren't sure how. 

What was your IF history/journey?
How far along are you?
Any symptoms?
Next appointment?

GTKY: What are your plans for the super bowl? Who are you rooting for?

Re: Pregnant after infertility (PAIF) 2/9

  • bows22bows22 member
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    What was your IF history/journey?
    It’s a lot to condense into one paragraph! We had been trying for over 3 years with a ton of testing followed by finally doing IUIs. Our fourth IUI worked! 
    How far along are you? 4 weeks 3 days. Had betas done this week and all looks good so far.
    Any symptoms? I’m incredibly bloated and nauseous at times 
    Rant/Rave? Just so happy and thankful to be here 😭
    Next appointment? Ultrasound on 2/25
    Questions? Has anyone reached out to their OB even if you haven’t been released from your RE yet? I don’t want to jump the gun but I don’t know how far out my OB is booking appointments 

    GTKY: What are your plans for the super bowl? Who are you rooting for? DH is making a homemade pizza (he even makes the dough from scratch). He uses a cast iron pan and it’s so good. That is what I am most excited about 😂 I’m not that invested in the game but I’m rooting for the Bengals, my team is in the AFC too so I tend to root for the AFC teams. 
  • What was your IF history/journey?
    I have a long history- i was able to get pregnant with our first child about 4 months after stopping BC but the pregnancy was ectopic which caused my right fallopian tube to rupture . I got pregnant with my daughter a year and a half later , however, during labor my uterus tore leaving extensive damage to the left side of my uterus. Between the two incidents it is nearly impossible for me to get pregnant naturally (can’t get pregnant when I ovulate from the right bc of the missing tube, cant get an embryo to attach on the left bc of the scarring). Went through 4 IUIs , all failed, and 3 IVF transfers, two successful and one fail - unfortunately our first successful transfer we loss our son at 16 weeks- the third transfer was successful so i am here now. 
    How far along are you? 5 weeks.
    Any symptoms? Exhaustion, engorged breast, some nausea- which will turn into horrific morning sickness around 6-8 weeks.
    Rant/Rave ? I feel like due to the fertility meds my symptoms are less pronounced which leads to anxiety 
    Next appointment? Ultrasound on 2/28

    @bows22 i was released around 9-10 weeks but i am not sure if there is a difference btw iui and IVF patients- i do know they focused mostly on your hormone levels to make the call.
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  • @relizabethp oh wow that is quite a journey. I’m so sorry for all you have been through and hope so much that this is your rainbow baby!  I think I’m going to get released after my 8 week ultrasound assuming all goes well through that point, but I just wasn’t sure if I should reach out to my OB also to get on their radar. After I posted this I ended up sending a message through the portal to ask and they said if I wanted to get on the schedule around 10 weeks I can, but I’ll probably wait until after my 6 week ultrasound to do that. 
  • @bows22 I know i was happier to stay with the fertility clinic rather than moving to my normal obgyn, so staying longer was not an issue for me. At the clinic I have made a lot of friends with the staff so i got more personalized attention. But it was nice to stop having to do all the meds and work towards a birth plan with my obgyn. 
  • Hello all, I am 6 weeks along after a 2 year infertility journey that involved IVF. In the end, we only got 1 viable embryo so super nervous through the whole process. I still have been doing urine pregnancy tests every few days as I can't believe it finally happened. My husband thinks I'm nuts. Does anyone else do this? My first ultrasound is this Friday. I think that will make it feel more real.
  • @brigid2022 i am doing at least two a week- it gives me something tangible to hold onto 
  • @relizabethp Exactly. Some days it doesn't feel real, and as you said, the fertility drugs seem to be masking symptoms. Sending all the good vibes and strength for you, you deserve good things after all you have been through on this journey.
  • Hi everyone!

    What was your IF history/journey? 
    I was diagnosed in my mid 20s with PCOS so I knew pregnancy may be difficult to achieve. We immediately started trying once we got married and had no success. We went to the fertility clinic and found out we also had male factor infertility and that our best option was ivf. We did a cycle back in 2018 that resulted in 2 viable embryos. We transferred one which led to the birth of our daughter. She just turned three. We transferred the second embryo last March and unfortunately it wasn’t successful. We started our second cycle in August and transferred the best embryo in early January and it took!!

    How far along are you?
    I’m 8 weeks 1 day

    Any symptoms?
    I’m beyond exhausted, tender breasts and a couple of instances of nausea. It all comes and goes. 

    I’m so thankful but wish my nerves and anxiety weren’t so high but I feel like I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop instead of enjoying it. If that makes sense. 

    Next appointment? We have an appointment this Friday and hopefully all will be good and we’ll be released to see my regular ob. Although I wish we could stay at the fertility clinic forever. 

    If you did progesterone shots when did you stop? 
    Although I’m looking forward to being done with shots I’m also nervous. 
  • What was your IF history/journey?
    A long history... My husband and I were trying for over 10 years... Went through 3 different REs... The first RE we were told IVF was our only option. I have blocked tubes, PCOS, Endometriosis, and Hashimotos. We decided to stop very early on due to my obgyn telling me we didn't need IVF, it was a money grab.... Then we moved and we went to a different RE who wanted to do IUIs only, and told me only one of my tubes was blocked. We tried to do 5, but only 1 embryo actually made it through. Of course, it didn't work. Then we switched to my current RE who from the beginning I loved. He is the best doctor and I love his staff. It took 4 retrievals and 8 transfers... We had 3 chemical pregnancies along the way but this latest transfer actually WORKED. I'm still shocked.
    How far along are you? 7 weeks, 2 days. 
    Any symptoms? Nausea, extreme exhaustion, mood swings, breast tenderness, and hightened smell.
    Rant/Rave? The infertility journey has gotten me very used to constant monitoring. I'm scared to be discharged and then going to my obgyn only once a month. Also, due to the amount of times I've gone through the process I know what to expect... Or I did. Now I don't know if things are going the way the should or not. When others have gotten pregnant without help, its a joyous occasion... But I'm just scared all of the time. Especially because last week I started bleeding very heavily and thought I was misscarrying and it turns out I have a subchromal (sp?) Hematoma. So I'm bleeding and cramping but so far the baby has been just fine. In fact, my RE says everything looks great. But that only adds to my anxiety!
    Next appointment? Feb. 22nd
    Questions? Not atm. 😊
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    @amille525 DH and I say this all the time...  Just waiting for the other shoe to drop. I hope one day we'll all stop waiting for it. My DH bought a fetal heart monitor, one of his friends went thru IVF previously and he said it was the only thing that helped calm them down as the pregnancy progressed. It's supposed to start working between 8-10 weeks. We've already used it, but its so early for me (at 7 weeks) it's hard to find the heart beat. However, I'm hoping it will help me to know everything is ok!
  • @longawaitedbfp I wasn’t quite this anxious the first go around but I think with the previous transfer not working for us and honestly just being so aware of things that can go wrong it’s so hard to not just feel scared all the time. Hopefully we can both enjoy this experience at some point. 
  • @amille525 @longawaitedbfp

    Another post IVF transfer here with a previous transfer loss - I just want to echo your sentiments of feeling like you're waiting for the other shoe to drop.  It's so so hard to enjoy the process.  I've been nervously making transition plans from my RE to OB and feel like just by doing that I'm jinxing myself...sigh.

    Hope you both find ways to stay present and enjoy some of the little things!
  • kramin1022kramin1022 member
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    Hello! Fellow IVF transfer here… after 5 1/2 years of failed attempts, male factory infertility (azoospermia), we pursued IVF with donor sperm. We transferred a frozen embryo on 2/9 and got a positive beta 2/18. My HCG on 2/21 was 1228 (is this high??? Does this mean twins?!) and I’m just having a rollercoaster of emotions. I’m excited but I also feel like something bad is going to happen. 5.5 years of infertility really did a number on me mentally so I’m learning to try to stay positive and that good things can happen. My ultrasound is scheduled for 3/7 and I went ahead and called my OB (since scheduling is crazy there) and have scheduled my first phone call / intake convo for next Monday 2/28. I feel like I should wait until I graduate from my infertility clinic but was also feeling anxious about scheduling with OBGYN since they schedule so far in advance for in-person visits.
  • Congratulations @knottieca2e831d5cf2ca49!  IVF transfer mama here too - I feel you, we have a similar infertility problem and have been TTC since 2016.  I'm so happy for you!

    My HCG has been really high, but only one healthy baby in there.  My RE warned me not to read too much into it that it would be twins.  Not medical advice, but thought I'd share :)

    If you can change your username from knottie it would be easier to tag and reply - instructions are in the original Read First thread.

  • @amille525 @sandy5693

    Agreed! I think eventually we all will be able to enjoy the process... Altho it may not be until we all give birth lol 😊 
    I found out yesterday my last appt with my RE is this Tuesday 3/1. I'll be 8w3d. Then I'll transfer to my OB. I know it's a good thing but... Its kind of scary!
  • @knottieca2e831d5cf2ca49

    My OB is busy as well but believe me, they'll get you on the schedule. Don't worry about that, too many other things to stress about lol. But if it makes you feel better you could always call. My RE told me to call once I get discharged from his office, because sometimes they won't schedule you at the OBs office until you're discharged. But it never hurts to ask. 
  • What was your IF history/journey?
    single 40 y/o woman, TTC since June of 2021. 2 unmedicated cycles, then 4 medicated cycles so far with IUI. Two CPs so far. 

    How far along are you? 6w6d. Good betas this time, which was such an improvement over the past two pregnancies. US on Tuesday (6w2d) showed gestational sac and yolk sac, but no fetal pole. Follow up US on Tuesday next week. 

    Any symptoms? Exhaustion. Very slight breast soreness, very slight nausea.

    Rant/Rave? Really tired, physically and emotionally. Feeling numb, defeated, angry, but trying to maintain some level of hope.

    Next appointment? Tuesday 3/1.

    Questions? Any experiences of no fetal pole at 6 weeks and then a viable pregnancy?
  • Hi all, I'm 8 weeks 3 days and the nausea is here full force now. Wishing all of you who want it, a heavy dose of pregnancy confirming nausea. 😝
  • Hi - has anyone been told your progesterone levels are low ? I started to bleed yesterday and went to my clinic for an u/s the baby is fine . They did bloodwork and called to tell me my progesterone is low and could account for some of the bleeding. My level is at 15 and they want it at 20 or above. They are having me start progesterone oil every day . Has this happened to anyone else ? 
  • @relizabethp were you on any progesterone supplement already? They haven’t checked mine but I’ve been taking prometrium every night since the day after my IUI
  • @bows22 yes i am doing endometrin which is a vaginal insert three times a day and a PIO shot every other day- which is now changing to every day. I think the endo and PIO are standard for IVF. The nurse explained that the placenta hasn’t taken over yet to make my own progesterone so they want the increase until then . 
  • @relizabethp I did see somewhere recently (like randomly in a Facebook group, not a legit source) that vaginal progesterone doesn’t always show up as well in bloodwork so your levels may be higher than the bloodwork shows
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