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TTC/Cycle Length After Mirena Removed

Hard to choose a board for this, but I'm 36, so this works! My question is basically what has been your experience with wonky periods after Mirena removal? Were some cycles short and others long? I had my Mirena in for 5.5 years. Both removed the Mirena and had my period on 12/8/21. Then a LONG wait until my next period on 1/26/22. Did the deed on 1/31 and had some abdominal cramping 6 days after that. Is it possible to have a long cycle followed by a short cycle after Mirena is removed? Would love to hear your experiences getting back to a normal period and/or getting pregnant after removal. Thank you!

Re: TTC/Cycle Length After Mirena Removed

  • I think the underlying question is could that abdominal cramping last week be implantation cramping  :D
  • I don't have any experience with mirena, but I'd guess fsh/ovulation pain before implantation cramping, based on cd11 cramping. But, you could always get a hpt if you're not sure. If it was implantation, then 7 days is plenty of time for hcg to be high enough to get a +.
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