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Oh my god guys I'm freaking out in the parking lot outside the clinic, I just had a very early (6wk) ultrasound and found out I'm expecting twins!!!!! Excited, scared, overwhelmed - any other twin moms out there??

Re: TWINS?!!

  • Oh my goodness! Congratulations, so exciting!  <3
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  • My nephews are twins! You've got this, mama!!!!
  • Oh you got this mama! We have a set of boy/girl twins who will be 3 Feb. 28th. I’ll find out soon if we’re now carrying one or another set. I wouldn’t mind either way. It’s a beautiful experience and the freaking out is normal. You got this mama!!!
  • Thats exciting! What symptoms are you experiencing??
  • I’m worried for some reason I might be having twins..they run through me and hubs families like crazy and all of my symptoms are intense and tests are so dark for how far I am I think. Did you feel anything different? I’m sure you’re going to be a wonderful multiples momma ❤️
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    Congratulations! My twins are 2 now, and I’m very anxious to find out if this pregnancy is twins again. I’m just trying to hold off until my ultrasound at 8 weeks. Twin pregnancy is intense, but try not to worry about the “what if’s”. Just focus on what you can control! Congrats ❤️
  • I'm feeling really tired, not sleeping well, tender boobs and really uncomfortable bloating. Also weird pains in my abdomen if I get up or turn too fast
  • @abmiddle10 congrats! I'm also excited and freaking out. Not sure if it'll be easier since we have no other kids to worry about, or harder since I'm a first time mom and so out of my depth..!
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    Hello, my twins just turned 4 in January and we are expecting our third child, haven’t confirmed if it’s a single baby yet, but I’m confident it is. It is harder, but easier in a lot of ways having twins first. Harder with buying double of almost everything lol but easier bc everything is happing at the same time for the most part. You learn as you go and there are lots of mothers of multiple support groups. Congratulations!!
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    @jcw2018 When is your first appointment? Mine is on 3/2 (8w6d) and I’m dyinggg to know if this pregnancy is a second set of twins 😬
  •  @twinmom0815 Not until 3/10 I’m dying to see too!! Really praying not twins just bc it would put us in a bind financially, but God knows. Let me know how your appointment goes☺️
  • Can I ask what your HCGs were with twins? I miscarried with triplets in November, and my HCG this time was 4+2 1100 and 4+4 2600
  • @knottief7757afb84935b6c sorry, I don’t have an answer for you. I didn’t find out I was pregnant until I was about 10weeks and found out in the hospital when I was suffering from hypermesis that I was having twins. I never really kept up with HCG levels I guess my OB did that for me and everything went pretty smooth all things considered.
  • The same thing is happening to me! I did an early ultrasound and found out I’m having twins. This is my first pregnancy too! 😊
  • @twinmom0815 what’s the verdict?!
  • Just wanted to say congrats to all you ladies with twins! 
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