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Anyone have to iv iron transfusions while pregnant

Currently 29 weeks pregnant not sure of any side effects or complications? 

Re: Anyone have to iv iron transfusions while pregnant

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    I'm 30 weeks and just had my first infusion on Saturday. I'm not sure if it's a side effect or cuz im chasing a toddler but I felt more tired that night, and a bit Nauseous the following morning. 
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    Yea I have to!
    Shouldn’t have major side effects. 
    I asked them to give me IV fluids afterwards for the second one because I also felt super exhausted with the first infusion. That really helped. 
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    Annisha123Annisha123 Just Joined
    Yes I just finished my third infusion a week ago. But my h h level is 9.1 now. I think that it is still need work. But my doc thought it was better. I am taking slowe fe iron pill in addition to prenatals. For some reason, with this child my iron level has been so low compared to my first baby. I think it’s the prenatals that I bought. Last obgyn prescribed the prenatals for me but this time around I was told to buy any prenatal from over the counter. And little did I know all along the ones I have been taking had no iron in them. Anyhow, I hop your situation got better.
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