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Monday B*itchfest

What's got you annoyed today?

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Re: Monday B*itchfest

  • ctsactsa member
    edited February 2022
    Finding the few minutes available to pee at work throughout the day, while still forcing myself to drink water. The joys of being a teacher. 

  • @ctsa I often have to stealth pee and hydrate at work too! My clients are usually booked back to back on the weekends. 
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  • I know it’s Tuesday and not Monday but I got in a heated argument with my husband just now over a Summer House episode where he was defending the person who was straight up gaslighting someone else. As an aside, I really hope it’s mostly the hormones because I seriously blew up in righteous indignation about who was right on a TV show. 
  • This Tuesday is like a Monday since Monday was a holiday….

    This is so dumb but I hate cooking beautiful meals and then when it comes time to eat it, I am repulsed by it… and I am so tired of peeing. I know it could be worse…. I am happy to have this little blueberry inside me.
  • pangolindromepangolindrome member
    edited February 2022
    My husband made me an amazing quesadilla for dinner and apparently my body was like “well this is WAY TOO DANG RICH for me right now” because I woke up about an hour ago in such pain that it felt like there were searing hot coals in my gut and I’ve been peeing out the butt. 
    Currently reporting from the bathroom floor because I’m not feeling brave enough to leave it. 

    EDIT: After two hours on and off the toilet, I slept for an hour on the bathroom floor without needing to get up or any additional pain. I have moved to the couch. 
  • @ausfam24 women are not believed enough when it comes to their health, even today. If men got pregnant these issues would have been prioritized decades ago. Those easy tricks can work for women with mild MS, but not severe and the medical establishment needs to recognize there is a huge range of normal symptoms throughout pregnancy.

    I recently read a press release about a circulating protein, GDF15, which new evidence suggested may be a cause HG and morning sickness. One of the researchers (Dr. Fejzo, below) experienced HG herself and wanted to figure it out. This passage pissed me off:

     "Now, two studies, one led by Fejzo, sug­gest that an excess of a blood-borne protein, growth differentiation factor 15 (GDF15), is a cause of HG, and perhaps other cases of nausea and vomiting in pregnancy. The finding "finally gives some answers … and validates what women have been experienc­ing," says Caitlin Dean, a U.K. nurse who became chair of a patient advocacy group after enduring unrelenting vomiting and nausea when pregnant multiple times. In the past, some doctors asserted that women exaggerated their symptoms, and even to­day, women with hyperemesis report that medical staff brush off the severity of their symptoms as a routine part of pregnancy."

    Like, are the word of women and these horrible symptoms never enough?  You really need a protein biomarker to prove something even exists?

    Anyway, I'm with you there and I sincerely hope you get the relief you deserve soon <3 
  • @merostomata reading that passage made my blood boil. The audacity!

    My Monday b*tchfest is a carryover from Friday. While at lunch with a best friend, my brand new car was smashed into by a gigantic Dodge Ram, ripping the bumper halfway off my car in the process. The guy left his card and is “really sorry” and assured me that “it wasn’t intentional.” (WTAF dude? If it was “intentional”, you’d be arrested.) Anyway, his insurance is covering it, but based on my calls today, collision repair centers are scheduling out appointments in *MAY* and I’m hearing stories about imported parts being delayed for months on end. Getting the estimate today, so we’ll see how straightforward they think it will be. My car is drivable but parking is really awkward with part of the bumper pushed out in front of the car, and this all just sucks. 
  • ausfam24ausfam24 member
    edited March 2022
    @merostomata That’s exactly how I feel. Like I’m totally brushed off because this is just what happens when you are pregnant. But don’t worry at the end of it you’ll have a baby so it’s worth it right?!? Like thanks that’s totally unhelpful. It’s very hard right now and I just want some relief! 

    Luckily I have good days and bad days, which is better than some experience. Today has been a better day. I might even get some coffee I’m feeling so good, haven’t felt like drinking coffee in a couple weeks! Thanks for validating how I’m feeling and I hope you get some relief too!
  • My B*tchfest is my husband continuing to say “well you decided to do this..” UHhh No! I went off the pill because A) we were not having sex because we were both exhausted all the dang time. B) I was tired of the all hormonal side effects and was trying to just reset my body….  Why yes those two times did make an impact clearly and yes I did go off but you participated too buddy!!!  Ugh! I’m sick all the time right now and just want some dang sympathy and care from him. 
  • I know it’s not Monday … but after work & my 4 year old, I just eat and nap that night- there is no socializing 😂 

    I just really wish I could tell my employer/ coworkers/ clients that I’m pregnant and dealing with a lot of personal calls & morning sickness so I can’t be online for work meetings at 7:45. I can’t tell them til I have a due date, bc HR f***ing sucks and we have some nasty cliquey middle-aged coworkers who will hold it against me bc they’re just bitter about life in general. Also: I’m the only person in our department to still be paid hourly and we supposedly work 8-5 so… 🤷🏻‍♀️🙄
  • @ausfam24 a lot of my friends took Zofran during pregnancy because they puke the whole time. I've had a few friends with HG and that requires a whole pharmacy. I do know that ice water can be a trigger for many women with severe morning sickness. One of my friends couldn't drink water her entire pregnancy without vomiting 2-6 times. It was the first thing she asked for after she gave birth. 
  • My husband went to Twin Peaks on the other side of town today with his buddies to drink and watch basketball all afternoon while I had all day non-stop meetings. Just seriously annoyed….especially by the bar choice. 
  • @EmilyE13 I personally would have lost it at the bar choice. I can make some intuitive leaps as to what kind of sports bar that is. 
  • I told my husband I’d be napping because I had a terrible night and no work today. Three hours into a coma, he calls me because he hasn’t heard from me since a while. Like that’s sweet, but you didn’t put one and one together, huh?
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