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  • @and_peggy mh doesn’t get home until 7:30 most days and we always waited for him. Being pregnant, sometimes I’m so hungry by 5 that I’m either making dinner early or I’m snacking and then too full for actual dinner. My kids are really great eaters and I’m so lucky, but this pregnancy has been draining me and I’ve definitely been doing a lot more convenience meals or things I’m sure they’ll eat. And then I eat something completely different. 
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  • @and_peggy I wish. My kids don’t go to bed until 9. But that’s because if I put them to bed earlier, they would literally only see their father on sundays. It is what it is. When they’re bugging me or I find myself yelling a ton, I put them to bed at 8/8:30. Or Wednesday when my husband has plans, I put them to bed early because they wouldn’t see him anyways. 
  • I have kids who sing the Frozen songs all day, but we have not seen Encanto. They haven't asked me about it, and I don't plan on paying for Disney+ until someone explicitly asks to see something on there, which hasn't happened yet, so yeah, still in the dark.
  • @wisewitch222 IMO it would be totally worth paying for Disney+ for one month just to watch it. Cheaper then taking your kids to the movies and it really is so good. 
  • I don’t like Encanto 🙊 I couldn’t get into it at all. But we do have Disney+ and even without that specific movie it’s totally worth it IMO. Especially if your littles like Disney movies in general. 
  • @paytonpedro I thought the movie was just okay. But I really love the music.
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    @and_peggy that’s what my sister thought too. 
  • Haven’t seen Encanto or listened to a single song yet. We’ll get around to it at some point, maybe after the Olympics. 
  • We had Disney+ for a year just to watch Mandalorian, but it expired and we're not missing it. Sing 2 is definitely on our to watch list. 
  • @and_peggy yes! We had a conversation at work once about how guys can just think about nothing or turn their mind off. What's that like? I want to know.
  • @fromfurmomtobabymom8-2 at my wedding pre-Cana classes (you have to do this if you get married in the Catholic Church), they said men are like waffles and have little compartments for things. Women are like spaghetti because we are spread out all over the place, touching the entire plate at once, getting twirled around. I was like whoa. 
  • @and_peggy I was literally thinking this exact thought while I was making dinner tonight. I feel that way often. 
  • @mangoandguava I couldn’t resist either.  Can you do a FaceTime reveal?
  • @lmaplejc nah, he’s an android user 🙄😂 but now I’m thinking I want to be a little bit extra about it so I’m trying to figure out the logistics of that. 

  • @mangoandguava FaceTime now has a feature where android users can join via a link like zoom. 
  • @mangoandguava Or there's Facebook Messenger chat you can use on wifi. We're Android users and that's what we use when we want to videochat.
  • @mangoandguava I am an Android user and I use FB Messenger or Whatsapp for video chats.

    @wigglyicecream I need to know more about this link feature. My dad is in the hospital and we can't go visit, but we FaceTimed him yesterday from my sister's phone. 
  • Wait really? I can send him a link for FaceTime? I didn’t know that! I will have to play with that. 

  • @bridgiebee82  @mangoandguava Yes. So you have to go to the FaceTime app on the phone. At the top it says “create link” or “start a new FaceTime” you can choose either. I usually just do “start a new FaceTime” then I choose my SO. It sends him a text saying “join my FaceTime” and he can click on it follow what is says then you will get a notification they want to join and you confirm. Super easy! 
  • @wigglyicecream get out! That's amazing! Thank you! I'm going to try this later today.
  • @bridgiebee82 it was the only reason I didn’t nag my partner to get an iPhone 
  • @wigglyicecream it worked! And my chihuahua got in on my call too.
  • @bridgiebee82 YAY! I’m happy that my directions were clear enough to make sense and you figured it out. 
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