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Has anyone used the sneak peek gender test at 7 weeks?

Re: Gender Test

  • When do the instructions say to take it? They do NIPT at 10 -12 weeks because earlier is less accurate, I guess because there’s not enough fetal dna in your bloodstream yet.
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  • My sister did and it was wrong. Told her she was having a girl and she has a 1yo boy now. I used sneak peak at 9 weeks and it was correct. 
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  • I did the NIPT test at 10 weeks and didn't have enough fetal fraction DNA in my blood so all results were inconclusive.

    It was frustrating because I desperately wanted to know the gender and you wait 10-14 days for the results for nothing.

    I waited until 14 weeks and took the test again and it finally worked. 
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    I used it at 9 weeks and it was accurate!
  • How long did it take for your results to come back 
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    I did and it said girl, anatomy scan at 18 weeks showed clearly a boy. 
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