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I'm 7 months pregnant. I live with the dad and our 2yr old son. I have been in and out of the hospital the first 6 months and high risk. He hasn't been helpful or supportive at all. He sleeps atleast till 2pm everyday. Yes he helps with baths and putting son to bed but that is what he is supposed to do. Atleast help take care of ur son you know. He tells me constantly to get out but I don't have anyone. He told me I can't get a job cause I won't have a place to live if I do. He tells me I'm just the live in maid nanny babysitter. I'm hormonal enough and I cry everyday. I try not to but I do. I don't get more than 6hours of sleep a night. That is my rest time where I can kick my feet up too. Being pregnant this time I'm extra tired. I just have never felt more alone in my life than I do now. I have no other choice but having to make it to 9 months right. I just to know that everything will be ok. Even if it's fdom a stranger. I really try not to cry I know it's bad for the baby but it's really hard not too. Oh yeah and he said I'm to big to have sex with. Belly to big butt to big. Yes this is his child (which he tells me daily that it's probably not) and last pregnancy he was no where this mean. I feel like he is seeing some one else. He hasn't touched me so he must be touching someone. I feel horrible bringing my baby girl into this. We never used to be like this. I dont know what happened. This pregnancy was planned we did talk and agree. It's like I got pregnant and everything fell apart. 

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    So why are you with him? Seems like a terrible environment to raise healthy, happy kids. 
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    That sounds like a really hard situation and especially difficult to go through while pregnant. I only know what you have written, but to me it sounds like an abusive situation, and things are set up for you to be in a dangerous situation. My advice, as hard as it is, is to leave that situation. If you don't have a job or any family/friend support to go to, there are always shelters for women. They can help you get a job, get housing and get support. I can't tell you it will immediately get better, it will probably get a lot harder before it gets easier, but I can tell you from experience sometimes it's much better to leave and go through those really hard times, and eventually things can get so much better than you ever imagined possible. But it's something you have to choose and commit to. It's going to be hard whether you stay or whether you go, but you're stronger than you think.
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    @bbylove102919 you'll get through this. Please call a domestic violence hotline or visit a website with a chat service. They can hear your story and give you the best advice, and you can choose to stay anonymous. If you are worried about your partner finding out, search with Google incognito tool.
    What's best for you is best for baby. You must take care of yourself. You can do it.
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    I would add that there seems to be some depression symptoms going on. Pregnancy induced depression can absolutely happen. Please talk to your doctor about how you’ve been feeling so that you can come up with a plan to take care of your mental health too. Depression during pregnancy can roll into PPD so it’s important to be open with your doc. They may even refer you for some talk therapy which could be very helpful if you’re feeling so alone. It’s always nice to have someone in your corner. Sometimes therapists are perfect coaches and cheerleaders during difficult times.



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    No, you do not have "no other choice but to make it to 9 months." If you want out, you can leave now. If friends/family aren't available to help you get on your feet, a women's shelter or pregnancy center should be available in the interim to figure things out. 
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