2nd Trimester

Is anyone else experiencing SPD?

I’m currently 19weeks today, and have been experiencing a lot of pain due to SPD (and misaligned hips-both diagnosed by physician and physiotherapist). It’s been progressively getting worse since week 13 of pregnancy. Nothing seems to be helping to provide an ounce of relief. Is it work going to Emerg for this?

Re: Is anyone else experiencing SPD?

  • I experienced this with my second. There is nothing the hospital can do for it, and it’s not going to go away until after you have the baby. You can talk to your doctor about a brace, I found one that helped support my belly helped a little bit. 
  • Pelvic physical therapy can help teach you some exercises to get rid of the pain. I also started seeing a chiropractor once a week and the combination of both has almost completely eliminated my pelvic pain.
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