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Symptoms - Week of 1/24

Anyone care to join the pity party?

Re: Symptoms - Week of 1/24

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    I selfishly made this because I’m having a return of night nausea. I really thought it was gone for good! Anyone else? Also bad lower back pain and intermittent occasional cramping. Are Braxton hicks meant to be painless or can they sometimes feel like period cramps?
  • I had night nausea this week too. Not sure what triggered it. I almost took a Bonjesta but mints are amazing and I got through. I am more in the middle back bra line pain and intermittent heartburn camp. I had more consistent heartburn a few weeks ago but in retrospect I think that was Covid related because when the final symptoms of Covid faded them the heartburn seemed to relent and now is a special treat with random food and I can't figure out a pattern. I don't remember having any Braxton Hicks this time or last so I'm no help there, sorry but I hope someone knows.
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  • @lemonlove86 - I just stated taking Calm brand magnesium gummies for leg and foot cramps (suggested both by a pregnant friend and my doctor). But turns out they also have a strong laxative effect! I only take 2 at before bed because the suggested dose of 4 was a little too intense for my intestines... oh and the muscle cramping is resolved.

    @minnie_yoga_mama - that hip pain is killing me too! After tossing a few times I get out of bed to stretch and sit upright for an hour or so until I think I can lay down again. Maybe I'll try a Tylenol before bed? I usually don't take meds so I actually have to go buy some. Did your doc explain what causes it? Hormones? Growing pains? My body not used to sidesleeping all night? Or the extra weight from Baby? I just hope it doesn't stay this bad for the next 10 weeks... 
  • @minnie_yoga_mama that hip pain is the one thing that hasn't reared its ugly head for me yet! I had it in all three previous pregnancies and I guess I rememember it starting earlier than it really did because its nowhere to be seen yet!

    @emky0704 and @lemonlove86 I'm getting RLS like absolutely constantly-I'll have to try the magnesium, I hear it helps! I was attributing it to my constant attire of leggings and long socks and not shaving my legs-that usually does it for me when I'm not preggo. 

    I am not constipated, although I honestly wish I was because I've got a hemorhoid that sucks and I have to brace myself to poop! 

    I'm so sweaty at night-I sleep in a heated blanket because H keeps the house cold-usually I still need a sweatshirt because I'm always cold, but I had been waking up sweating everywhere so went down to a t-shirt and STILL sweat last night. So I might need to turn down the blanket!

    @Ivorytower2 my braxton hicks are also a little painful, which I was attributing to having to poop, but the period like cramps have been happening the last two days. I'm just going by the whole not being consistent and not causing cervical changes (which you wouldn't know now, I guess) and assuming its normal! It's so funny because with my first I could barely even tell I was having them and now they are painful-so weird how each pregnancy is different!
  • +1 for random night nausea - I had to go lie down in the middle of dinner last night otherwise I would have lost my dinner. So weird.

    So over the insomnia. I took a half of unisom last week because I just wanted a good sleep and it made me so groggy for the entire next day it wasn't worth it. wwwhhhhhhyyyyy

    Also random diarrhea today. So that's been fun. Could be pregnancy could be just digestive issues I have sometimes. But I could live without this in my life please!
  • I'm so relieved to hear that others are having period-type of cramping. I wasn't sure it that was braxton hicks or what...it was starting to worry me a bit, but today I have hardly felt it...so I figured I shouldn't worry haha.
    I definitely have heartburn at least once a day, if not more. Taking tums helps, but I get so nervous to take it....long story but my mom had a bowel obstruction from taking too many tums once, so I don't wanna risk it, especially since I definitely go through bouts of constipation.
    The newest thing that has started for me was within the last twenty minutes...I think my little girl found my bladder or some nerve near my public bone or something. I was having a meeting with someone and I seriously almost jumped out of my seat! Holy cow. And she's done it three times since. I hope she moves around soon so she doesn't keep hitting whatever it is haha.
    Also - whoever mentioned their baby doing the diagonal thing...my little girl does that occasionally and it sort of freaks me out...it feels so weird!
  • Worst thing ever today! I sat on the toilet to pee and felt so much pressure and pain in my pelvic bones. Not a fan at all!!!

    Lots of heartburn over here and some nausea still. 
  • I'm like a pepto commercial - nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach (no diarrhea). 

    But yeah the heartburn is super annoying in particular. Still get random bouts of nausea and severe smell aversions. I thought I was going to die the other night from the smell of PLAIN WHITE RICE.

    Rib pain, upper back pain, pubic bone pain, SI joint pain, random round ligament pain. Too bad they don't offer epidurals until you're in labor. 

    I'm also EXHAUSTED. I've been napping every day. But then I have insomnia some nights too which is cruel. 

    10 more weeks  :#
  • I'm like a pepto commercial - nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach (no diarrhea). 

    But yeah the heartburn is super annoying in particular. Still get random bouts of nausea and severe smell aversions. I thought I was going to die the other night from the smell of PLAIN WHITE RICE.

    Rib pain, upper back pain, pubic bone pain, SI joint pain, random round ligament pain. Too bad they don't offer epidurals until you're in labor. 

    I'm also EXHAUSTED. I've been napping every day. But then I have insomnia some nights too which is cruel. 

    10 more weeks  :#
    I spoke too soon
  • @doxiemoxie212 Yeahh.... I had that today too.  
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  • Glad I’m not alone in that aspect. I was beginning to wonder if all my food was contaminated or something 😂
  • @Blondesweety444 haha I've wondered that and I'm suddenly intolerant to 90% of food
  • @doxiemoxie212 Ugh - we all had a GI bug last week/over the weekend and I was like, did I catch it from the kids or is it just pregnancy? lol
  • glad to know I'm not alone in the nausea/heartburn. I had the worst charley horse two nights ago (i woke up yelping in pain) and my calf still hurts. 

    @doxiemoxie212 I envy your daily naps...I'm so tired too!

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  • @Avrilmai they don't make me feel any better lolol I just literally can't stop myself from falling asleep
  • @Avrilmai Ugh not looking forward to those charley horses starting! Those were the worst last time. 

    My belly button is getting more and more shallow. Last time it went flat but didn’t poke out. I wonder if I’ll get an outie this time? Lol 
  • @monstera13 mine turned halfway out with my 3rd, it looked like a little nose

    I think I’ve been at that nose point this time for a month or two already so I’m wondering if I’ll reach full outie by the end. 
  • @monstera13 @bluecampanula Mine turned inside out at 3 months at the end of October— I think I posted a pic on here when it happened!! I didn’t have a super deep innie prior to pregnancy, but now it’s like a marble poking out and is actually kind of sensitive if I poke it!
  • @doxiemoxie212 when I am at work I don't notice how tired I am-but I'm home with DS3 today because daycare is closed due to Covid and I could not stay awake at like 10am! We snuggled on the couch and watched "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie" while I napped in and out. 
  • @minnie_yoga_mama I remember being amazed that yours was already out! And a little jealous since I never got that cute pregnant outie the first time haha
  • Mine didn't pop with either of my first two, it just went flat :( I'm assuming it's the same this time around (already at flat, and have been for a while lol)
  • I know I'm like the pelvic floor physical therapist whisperer, but sometimes a popped belly button in pregnancy can be a sign of an umbilical hernia and poor pressure management. Just something to mention, especially if it's tender to the touch! 
  • Carpal tunnel, horrendous pelvic, hip, knee, and ankle pain(had my first PT appt yesterday and hoping to get some relief soon. Insomnia/waking up in the middle of the night in so much pain. And just starting to get some lovely heartburn! I’m suppose to start iron after my low numbers yesterday and I’m dreading the constipation. 
  • @doxiemoxie212 Oh I had no idea! I thought it was just a cute symptom. 
  • @SmashJam Mouse is a favorite at our house, too! But now if I try to nap while we watch tv DD has started calling me out, “Mom, open your eyes! It’s not time to sleep!” 🤦🏼‍♀️ 
  • @doxiemoxie212 Yes, definitely aware of this and keeping tabs on it in case it shows more signs this could be happening. My doctor isn’t concerned about it though, so hopefully it’s just super protruding and not an actual hernia
  • @minnie_yoga_mama yeah OBs often aren't actually trained in this kind of thing, unfortunately, which is why they often give really bad pelvic floor health advice (they fall into the trap of something being common but not necessarily normal). A good OB will admit this lol. OBs are amazing at what they're trained in, like they're fantastic, but they just aren't trained in this stuff, so I would just take it with a grain of salt. Nothing you can really do before giving birth anyway, though, other than continuing to work on pressure management, etc. 

    (Similarly, pediatricians are not trained in nutrition beyond like some very very basic breastfeeding/formula stuff! I did not know this until my friend who is a pediatrician told me.)
  • I'm going to have a mini complain-fest. I was feeling great up until Friday. I went back to school (work) after the summer holidays for a staff day and I guess I moved too much because my pelvis area on the right started hurting. I was like oh well it's not too bad. Got home and left for our babymoon weekend away. Friday night I got the worst Charley horse in my left calf and it left me with lingering pain. Fortunately I had a massage on Saturday which helped but on Sunday the calf pain was bad again, along with the pelvis pain worsening. When we got home from the weekend away I just cried to my husband because I was so frustrated and in pain and the thought of doing this for 12 more weeks was too much. I spent Monday limping around at work but I'm feeling a bit better now. The calf pain is finally gone. Pelvis definitely feels worse though. What a way to start my 3rd trimester 🥴
  • @constantinabee so sorry to hear your're in pain! This is my first time pregnant so I don't have any advice but I hope you can get the pelvis pain under control before the end of your pregnancy and that you were still able to enjoy your babymoon!
  • Thanks @knitkiwi - I will mention it at my next appointment and hopefully my OB will have some advice. The babymoon was still wonderful despite the pain. I recommend getting away to anyone who can, even if it is just for a night or two.
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