2nd Trimester

No baby kicks at 24 weeks very little movement

I haven’t been feeling baby movements and im a FTM im not sure if its normal to still not feel the baby kicks and string movement people say. Is this normal? What should i do. 😨 And my placenta isn’t  anterior so that even concerns me more.

Re: No baby kicks at 24 weeks very little movement

  • If you’re worried you should call your doctor. Everyone and every pregnancy feels movement at different times.
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    My doctor gave me the advice, when I was worried,  to drink a glass of orange juice the lay on your left side and see if you can feel baby.  

    I'm not sure if this advice is still given, as my doc was very old school - but amazing!  

    I agree, if you are concerned, call your doctor office and talk to the nurses line.  
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  • I had this after 2 weeks of very active. Dr said it was normal.
  • I'm a first time mom and am currently 24+5 with an anterior placenta. I was worried about movements as well because I haven't felt her as much as the previous weeks. Turns out she's found a cozy spot facing my back which explains why I haven't been feeling her move as much. I started doing yoga yesterday and that might have made her flip over and reposition herself because I started feeling her move again later that night.
  • I had twins and one twin would spin and kick and move like crazy. The other was mostly still but I'd feel her shift once in a while. Some babies are kickers and others aren't :) but check with your doctor if you haven't already. My first was such a sleepy baby that they had to use a buzzer to get him to move during an ultrasound.
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