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Maternity pants all seem too short?

Hi there,

 I have been noticing that my maternity pants, especially the over-belly ones, seem to be short and hit above my ankle. I thought maybe I had just forgotten an old trend from last time I was pregnant, but I bought a new pair at Target yesterday and it’s the same thing. 

Is this a thing with maternity pants in general or do I just need to look harder for different brands/styles? It is January in Michigan right now and pants hitting above the ankle is…not working for me right now. I need to stay warm lol!

Re: Maternity pants all seem too short?

  • Just here to say you’re not alone. I’m 5’8 and I haven’t been able to find any long enough either. Ready for warmer temps so it’s more acceptable to wear my maternity “capris”. So far I’ve been sticking to dresses with tights or my old leggings because they’re still working for me. 
  • I just purchased maternity leggings and suit pants from Pink Blush and Seraphine and they both feel and look great! I highly recommend suit pants/trousers from either company. Similar to Express or The Limited.
    The leggings from Seraphine were cotton and quite soft, but I think I could get the same effect with H&M or Target. I bought the 'Belly Bandit' leggings off Pink Blush and they suck you in! Similar feeling to black tights or compression leggings. Very good quality but I was looking for cotton so I'll return them.
    If you do purchase from either site, free returns (yay) and Pink Blush has 3-4 coupons a week for 25-40% off so make sure to check your email. 
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  • I'm also 5'8 and have to wear heels at work. 
  • I bought maternity pants from Old Navy online, and they have "tall" size options - which ended up being a great length for me! I'm also 5'8" and definitely recommend! 
  • Awesome, thanks everyone! I will try PinkBlush and looking more closely for the “tall” options at Old Navy. It’s sort of nice to know it’s not just me!
  • My pink blush jeans are the “capris” I have… but let me know if you there are some pants there that work for you.
  • Similar problems here! I’m almost 5’10” I returned the Blanqi jeans. Tried the DL1961 Brand same thing. My friend brought over some of her old maternity jeans, including two pairs from AG (Adriano Goldschmied)with over belly band and they both hit past my ankle, yay! I’m obsessed with them! So could be worth the splurge or you could look to find gently used pair if you’re open to it! Also Wildfox has a super soft wide leg Tennis Lounge pant that’s insanely comfortable and super long. They aren’t super work appropriate but maybe weekend wear, thought I’d share ! 
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