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Ultrasound ITS TWINS!

Had this ultrasound done yesterday and they have discovered it is twins! Another thing they mentioned is they are in different sacs but they can’t see the membrane thick enough to identify whether they are in their own placenta! Anyone else with twins? Any advice I’m a little nervous because it is a higher risk pregnancy!

Re: Ultrasound ITS TWINS!

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    Another one
  • Hi! How exciting! I would suggest first reading the threads pinned at the top of the board. We discourage one off posts like this since it clutters the board. Please introduce yourself so we can get to know you better and take a look around the board. We have a mom of multiples check in so you all can better support one another. 
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  • Also congratulations 
  • Hello and welcome! Please be sure to intro in our Introductions thread, if you haven’t already, so we can get to know you better! As @wigglyicecream said, we already have an established board with multiple threads this would fit in, including our Ultrasounds thread predominantly pinned at that top of the board. We also have a check in for multiples mamas! Please be sure to read the Read This Before Posting thread and lurk the board a bit to see how we operate. Congratulations on your twins, I look forward to getting to know you. 
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