2 Failed FETs - next steps and Hysteroscopy?

Hello! I was hoping that some of you could provide your opinions and experience with whether or not you've had a hysteroscopy, why, and the outcome. I am currently 31y/o with unexplained secondary infertility. I have a slightly lower AMH level and a unicornuate uterus. I've done two ERs and between them had 3 PGT-A and M tested 'normal' embryos. My first FET (with an AB embryo) was a medicated cycle, which ended with a BFN. I did an ERA prior to my most recent transfer (AA embryo) and was found to be late receptive so we adjusted my protocol by 12 hours (per the ERA results) and used that timing for the transfer, which also ended in a BFN. I have one AA embryo left and my RE suggested we add in aspirin, antibiotics, embryo glue, an endo scratch, and up my progesterone (both IM and vaginal) for this next protocol. She also mentioned performing a hysteroscopy, but said it probably wouldn't yield anything useful since we're already planning to add the aspirin and antibiotics. I wanted to get other's thoughts and experiences on this as well as any other suggestions or protocols people have tried. Any input would be greatly appreciate, thank you :smile:

Re: 2 Failed FETs - next steps and Hysteroscopy?

  • Im in a very similar situation. I have a 15 month old son, and since him I’ve had 4 failed transfers. No tests show any reason why. I’m trying two months of lupron in case I have silent endometriosis, otherwise the only thing we haven’t checked an is immune issue. I would suggest meeting with a reproductive immunologist to check that out or seeing if your doctor would be willing to try an immune protocol. Mine gave me low dose dexamethasone which is a steroid, but she won’t do anything further unless I confirm
    it with testing. 
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    I had a hysteroscopy to remove a small polyp. They put me to sleep so it was easy to have the procedure. My doctor said that if the embryo implanted on the polyp, it would miscarry so I said yes let’s get it out. Only problem is I got an infection from the procedure and now I have endometritis which could cause secondary infertility, and now I’m kind of regretting getting the procedure. I had it done in a surgery center. Maybe a hospital would be better? I don’t know but I’m getting sad with all these setbacks
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