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Please no judgement. 
I'm a newish mom. My baby is 21 almost 22months old. We have never had her on a schedule. We have a set routine essentially: wake up, breakfast, play, snacks, play, lunch, nap, wake up, snack, play, dinner, bath, bedtime. But we have never set a specific schedule because of sleep regression. She sleeps 8-12 hours straight at bed time and naps 2 hours at nap time. This way just seems to work better for us. Shes happy, lets me clean and take care of what i need to. The few times I've tried setting a schedule and forcing her to wake up at 7am, to follow schedules ive seen online, she is so fussy it's incredibly exhausting. after fighting for days with a super grumpy and clingy toddler I say forget it because it's so mentally and physically exhausting. 

Essentially I'm just wondering if I'm doing the wrong thing or if any other moms keep a routine but not a strict set schedule?? 

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    I never followed online schedules. I let my girl make her schedule from the start. I was very strict about bed time as 1 year approached. To get her into this we had a night time routine.  For us bedtime was 7pm. Around 630 we put on the same show (one she liked) every night, then we go into her room, change diaper, get into Jammies. I also gave her a baby massage with some lavender lotion to help relax her and give her a sent recognition.  Then the Jammies went on then we read a book in the rocking chair. Then turned on her night light and music. Said goodnight. 

    We never had an issue with sleeping. She did have regressions so a few times we would have to spend a little more with her, but we kept reinforcing bed time. Eventually they get through it. As she got older (around your Littles age) we moved bedtime to 8pm. It's been that way ever since. 

    Ultimately you have to do what works for you and your family. I do think having a set nighttime routine is extremely helpful for everyone, especially the Littles. Theu crave repetition and a routine. It's how they learn and grow. 

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    I also want to say in regards to her running the show... she's 2 years old about now. She needs a little bit of tough love. You could put her in bed at a time that works for you and you may have to let her cry it out for a couple days (we had to do this during a couple sleep regressions). She will get on board though. She's at the age where she's testing her boundaries. If she learns she can just cry or whine and get her way, that's what she'll always do.
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