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Newborn “routine” and questions

Hi Mamas!

I’m a pediatric sleep consultant and I posted a couple of weeks ago with a 1-2 week sample routine and many found it helpful. Here is 3-6 weeks if you’re interested. Don’t pay attention to the actual times, pay attention to the space between the times. Baby will not follow this beautifully, it’s just a guide to show maximum times between feedings. 

My main tips for this window:

1. I would say the most important thing you can do at this point is not let baby fall asleep while eating. This will allow your little one to get a full feeding which helps with a lot of things! - Needed nutrition/weight gain, happy baby, better sleeper, and rest for you in between feedings.

2. Make sure baby is getting some chances to be awake and asleep flat on their back on a firm-ish surface (crib mattress, pack n play, bassinet, play mat on the floor).

I’m happy to answer some questions!

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