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Weekly Check-In Week of 1/10


Re: Weekly Check-In Week of 1/10

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    Thank you all of you for the reassurance and advice. Its probably just hormones, but I've been unreasonably upset about this and your reassurance helps.

    @aloha_mama well, a similar situation is something to hope for, at least. Your post was so sweet.

    @doxiemoxie212, it doesn't hurt it just doesn't feel like my body and it's like, the tissue feels weird and not pleasant. But even so, I am trying to get an appointment with a pelvic floor PT. I told my midwife I have to pee all the time because it feels like the baby is so low and squishing everything down there and I have to do handstands against the wall to make her move up. She said it could be a pelvic floor issue and gave me a few different options but I'd rather just see a PT and get it taken care of if it is an issue. Also, as a side note, I appreciate your honesty in all your posts; I laughed about the constant farting.

    @hoosiermamajayden the varicose veins sound super unpleasant and I don't know if I want to find out if that's the case. But that is good to know.
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    Estimated due date/ weeks + days: April 7. 28W 4 D


    Team blue/pink/green: Green

    Upcoming appointments: 2hr glucose test friday

    How are you feeling? Depressed and anxious

    Rants/raves: Happy baby is doing well and we have all of the major nursery items now. I failed my 1hr glucose test though and I'm super angry at myself and feeling very depressed about what the future might hold. I'm not overweight and have always been super active (other than the past several months). I have always been very bad about eating sugar, white bread etc so I assume this is the cause. Anyways I feel like this news has really thrown me into a depressed state. Trying to stay positive but it really scares me.

    Not right now.

    @dinomeetsjedi I'm sorry you're feeling sick! I occasionally get pain during sex but we think it is from undiagnosed endo. I've only had sex like 3 times during the pregnancy as I have been too nervous but it is interesting to hear others say this could be a pelvic floor issue. I think I'll get mine looked at to see if that is the cause of my past pain.
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    @covegirl100 there isn't anything you can do to avoid it. I know it won't make you feel better if you do have it but just know, you could never touch sugar and still get it or eat only sugar and never get it. I hope the 2 hour goes well for you!
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    @covegirl100 Pp is right. GD has everything to do with your placenta causing insulin resistance and developing it has nothing to do with your pre or peri natal nutrition or exercise or health. No need to beat yourself up. It’s a hormonal issue that you can’t do much to prevent if you are going to get it. 
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    Thanks @kiwi2628 I appreciate the info! 
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