Pregnant after 35

Cramping after previous MC

I’m 39 and I had a chemical MC in November 2021. I’m 4 weeks pregnant and have been cramping since positive at 3 weeks 2 days. Getting bloodwork on the 11th. Really hate waiting. My 2 successful pregnancies had no cramping. My doctor put me on progesterone but told me it won’t stop the cramping.

Re: Cramping after previous MC

  • I’m 41 and I’ve  always had early cramping with my pregnancies (2 MC, 1 now-toddler, and now 31w pregnant). I know it’s miserable to wait but that’s really all you can do at this stage.  I hope the test results provide quick reassurance.
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    I'm 37 also had a chemical in November and I'm now around 4 weeks I've had cramping all week but I must admit feels more like pulling than our else.
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