Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

5 weeks miscarried

Unfortunately just found out I may have miscarried at a little over 5 weeks. First time pregnancy. Took 3 tests on Monday (because you can never trust just 1!) and yesterday I began spotting which turned into more of a heavier flow like with some mild cramping. Called my Dr. and just got my blood hcg levels back and they were 6. They still want me to go back on Sunday to see if they’ve continued to go down. At this point I’m prepared to get the news that I did in fact miscarry. My emotions are all over the place. For a first time positive pregnancy test, this hit me harder than I had imagined. I’m scared that this may be a reoccurring pattern in my future but am trying to remain positive. I am hoping to hear similar stories and some positive words. Although it’s a horrible thing to find out, it does help to hear that I am not alone.

Re: 5 weeks miscarried

  • I had my first positive pregnancy test on Saturday which happened to be my wedding day it was truly amazing, and of course I tested again on Sunday and Monday with 3 different tests each day and they were all positive! Today I woke up bleeding and cramping, still waiting for my blood work to come back but I’m assuming it was a chemical pregnancy but the hurt I’ve felt these past 12 hours is something I’ve never experienced, you are not alone in any of this. I pray that good things are ahead for both of us soon
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