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Weekly Check-in w/o 1/3

Happy New Year! Cheers to 2022! 


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Re: Weekly Check-in w/o 1/3

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  • @minnie_yoga_mama It’s never a bad idea to start on your birth plan, and discuss it with your OB so they’re on board, but I can tell you from personal experience that the RNs do not usually look in the chart for birth plans and it may get lost. I would bring two or three copies with you to the hospital when you get admitted and make sure one is at your bedside (best place is by the computer the RNs will stand at to chart), one is with you just in case, and one is in the notes that the RNs use to hand off to each other during shift report. 
  • @dinomeetsjedi if you kinda tuck it under your back (like you were laying against a person or couch) and the front should be between your legs then you should feel supported. I preferred a normal body pillow because it moves easier. The pregnancy pillow did help keep my great dane off me though too which was a bonus lol
  • bluecampanulabluecampanula member
    edited January 2022
    @robbenson I’m laughing at the Great Dane part. My experience has been the opposite- it seems to attract all the other bodies. When I first pulled it out, I kept waking up to find DH trying to snuggle and sleep on my pillow. And DS4 likes to crawl into our bed in the early morning and wedge himself between the pillow and my back. 

    @dinomeetsjedi my first pregnancy I didn’t have a pregnancy pillow but did end up building myself a nest out of like 4-7 pillows each night as the weeks went on. So, for me, one giant pillow has ended up a little simpler 😂
    (eta: I have part my pillow between my knees to prevent low back pain, the big long part either at my back or  belly. Sometimes it’s more comfortable either way for supporting you on your side without really being on your back or belly. Sometimes towards the end it can be nice to wedge something under the belly too to help support that weight. With my nest of pillows I was doing these things and also trying take some of the weight off my one hip bone from side lying)
  • @dinomeetsjedi I don't necessarily wake up from kicks but I do feel them if I roll over during the night. Not looking forward to them keeping me up eventually though! I've had a couple of dreams that I could see baby poking out his foot from my belly so I think those must have been some strong kicks while I was sleeping  :D
  • Estimated due date/ weeks + days: 27+3 EDD 4/1 

    FTM/STM/TTM+: not my first rodeo 

    Team blue/pink/green: pink and blue!

    Upcoming appointments: January 18. Then I think it goes to every 2 weeks? Can’t remember.

    How are you feeling? Irritable and uncomfortable. I’ve gotten really light-headed a lot lately which is no fun. I have low blood sugar and low blood pressure that are probably the culprits. Doing my best to eat to hunger, drink to thirst, and salt my food. But here we are anyway.

    Rants/raves: Just getting anxious about getting everything ready and together! As some of you mentioned, this is the year our babies will be born! So exciting. Also SO many decision to make! My baby shower is later this month so hopefully I still feel decent enough after that to get everything in place.

    Questions: Anyone having success lining up help once your babies come? I’d like to hire a mother’s helper to come over a few days a week but that’s still on my to-do list. 

    @minnie_yoga_mama yes, I would go ahead and write out your birth plan, go over it with your OB, and have it put on file. But definitely print out copies like @aloha_mama suggested because the nurses on staff will be rotating, etc, and you want to make sure they actually see it. Also make sure you have a support partner during birth (husband, mom, etc) who is familiar with the plan and can advocate for you in case staff start to deviate. 
  • @doxiemoxie212 I started searching between 18-20 weeks but the ones I’ve found are all booked up. 🙃 So now I’m hoping I can find a high school/college kid who has decent experience with younger siblings. Indiana isn’t super crunchy or into doulas but we do have our fair share of big, naturally-minded homeschool families. 
  • Estimated due date/ weeks + days: April 4/ 27 weeks

    FTM/STM/TTM+: TTM- I have DS3 and DD1 (almost 2!)

    Team blue/pink/green: pink!

    Upcoming appointments: tomorrow I have more antibody BW for my blood disorder. Next midwife appt in 2 weeks. Pelvic floor PT in 2 weeks. Chiro in 2 weeks. I am doctored up!

    How are you feeling? Good! Covid symptoms gone and baby is moving around like crazy. Can’t believe I hit third tri this week!

    Rants/raves: I think pregnant women should get maternity leave starting halfway through third tri. I’m already waddling a bit. 

    Questions: nope!

    @minnie_yoga_mama agree with PP- start now but more important than writing it out is going over it with your support person who will also advocate for you. Many nurses and OBs will kind of deviate from your wishes on their own so it’s important your support person be aware of what’s going on and your wishes so if that happens, they can intervene. 
  • @aloha_mama ah! Thanks for all of this! I had forgotten about Kelly Mom, I will totally look that up immediately. I'll check and see if Pacify is covered by insurance. My insurance did cover lactation consultants who really really gave me a lot of help throughout the days after I was home-I made it two months instead of two weeks! But IN the hospital-I didn't see one. I really had a nurse smoosh a baby into my boob repeatedly and then another one that was only on for a hot minute who brought me a nipple sheild day 2 because I was bleeding from my nipples already from nurse Face Into Boob. So I will definitely look and see if there was some resource I should have accessed in advance so I knew who to ask for-that's a great idea. 

    Thanks so much, all this info gives me many places to look into for info!

  • Estimated due date/ weeks + days: 25 + 1 


    Team blue/pink/green: pink! 

    Upcoming appointments: I just had my 24 week checkup today!

    How are you feeling? I am feeling worried

    Rants/raves: I just failed my glucose test today, I have to go back for the 2 hour one and I am pretty worried about it. I didn’t have GDM with my first, but have pretty extensive family history of diabetes. I am hoping I pass the second one. I am also battling a pretty bad cold and feeling achy. 

    Questions: experiences with the glucose test??? 
  • Estimated due date/ weeks + days: April 8 / 26+4


    Team blue/pink/green: Pink

    Upcoming appointments: Glucose test next week I think. Oh and I started PT for my leg issue- jury’s out on if it’s actually working or not. 

    How are you feeling? Feeling okay, feeling huge already and I waddle when I’ve been on my feet all day (so everyday), I officially have cankles, but I can’t complain too much. 

    Rants/raves: Just excited to have the ball rolling on the bedrooms. I am going to feel so much better when it’s all done, but I’m pretty sure my husband and I almost murdered each other when we were moving the beds from one room to the other. 😂 

    Questions: none
    IAmPregnant Ticker
  • @SmashJam It’s really unfortunate that L&D and postpartum nurses aren’t required to get more training with breastfeeding. Baby Friendly accredited hospitals have taken steps to fill this need but they aren’t available to everyone. I can’t tell you how many clients come to me saying that the nurse in the hospital said everything was fine (and now the mom thinks there must be something wrong with HER) when there is a very obvious issue, like a tongue/lip tie or just a very poor latch. And most of the issues we mamas run into with breastfeeding don’t occur until after we get discharged because in the first 48 hours baby is still sleepy and hasn’t yet morphed into that baby shark that viciously tears us up. I’m glad at least that second nurse brought you a nipple shield, they are lifesavers!
  • @tallamak000 just did mine. You just drink a flat soda, wait an hour, get your blood drawn. I personally don't think it's a big deal. 
  • much like @queenklau I wasn't around much during the holidays hope everyone got to celebrate they way they wanted to and were able to stay healthy. 

    @bluecampanula I can so relate to that "get rid of everything" mentality. I told DH he should take advantage of this bc I'm usually a hmmm....lets keep that jic kind of person. 

    @Blondesweety444 the hospital bag essentials is actually on the schedule this week for the product spotlight I'll get that posted soon. And don't let that mom guilt get you. You're getting family portraits done now, like you said you were trying to survive and that is what matter back then. 

    @dinomeetsjedi I've never used a big pregnancy pillow, just a little wedge. I hope you find a way to use it that works for you and brings you some comfort. 

    @doxiemoxie212 are you feeling any better a few days later?

    Estimated due date/ weeks + days: 4/3, 27+4


    Team blue/pink/green: GREEN

    Upcoming appointments: saw MFM this week, glucose test and OB in 2 weeks

    How are you feeling? tired, but whatever that's my life now I guess. 

    Rants/raves: MFM d/c me to just my regular OB, so that is a relief. It was nice to get to see baby, but MFM usually means complications and I'm glad to be out of that category.

    Questions: natm

    TTC#1 10/2016
    TTC/IF:included medicated cycles, IUIs and 2 rounds of IVF with 1 embryo each. 
    BFP finally in 12/2018

    TTC#2 06/2021
    planning FET

    "Some days are diamonds, some days are rocks,
    some doors are open, some roads are blocked" 

  • @aloha_mama I just caught up on last week's check-in sorry you're in such a stressful situation. It is so hard to put your one coping skills/stress reliever on hold. Sounds like you're handling it as best anyone could. I hope todays MFM visit goes/went well. 

    TTC#1 10/2016
    TTC/IF:included medicated cycles, IUIs and 2 rounds of IVF with 1 embryo each. 
    BFP finally in 12/2018

    TTC#2 06/2021
    planning FET

    "Some days are diamonds, some days are rocks,
    some doors are open, some roads are blocked" 

  • @Avrilmai Thank you so much, it went really well, actually! Everything was normal and I burst into tears and probably shocked the poor sonographer. This kid better be the chillest, most drama-free baby after all of this!
  • @Avrilmai I’ve been thinking of you this week, I’m really glad that the MFM discharged you! Hopefully it is smooth sailing from here. 

    AFM, so wishing I was feeling better but this looks like it’s turning into a full blown sinus infection. Ugh, I am miserable! I haven’t had one in years, but I don’t remember them being this bad. Baby is kicking like crazy while I’m laid up on the couch though!
  • heyerffv
    QFP. Also ew. 
  • sorry you've likely got a sinus infection @fameonmain2. I tend to get those quite a bit and they are horrible every time. Hope you feel better soon!
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