Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

Bleeding After Losing a Twin

Hi everyone! I am currently 6 weeks pregnant after a doing a frozen embryo transfer of two embryos. I started bleeding on 12/24 and went to the ER. They showed me two sacs on the ultrasound and couldn’t give me answers on the bleeding. Bleeding continued and I went for an ultrasound with my reproductive endocrinologist to confirm that I had miscarried one of the sacs. The other is developing appropriately 🙏🤞. 

My question is, how long should I be bleeding before I get concerned that I’m miscarrying the other baby? I have been fairly consistently bleeding since 12/24 (8 days now), but haven’t had clots in a couple days. Has anyone else on here experienced this? How long did you bleed? I have another ultrasound scheduled for 1/4 to check on the progress. 

#IVF #MiscarryingATwin 
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