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WTF/Winning Wednesday 12/29

Any WTFs this holiday week?
Any wins? 

Re: WTF/Winning Wednesday 12/29

  • WTF: we were going to spend NYE/day with my parents up in MS but they think my daddy has Rona. Sooooo obviously that isn’t happening. 

    Winning: I think we may have *finally* decided about a house! 🏡 If so, we will be building. Y’all can go ahead and send T&P’s now. 😂😂😂
  • @MrsLaLaBug so exciting about the house decision! I do hope your dad is ok and feels better soon.
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  • WTF…. When you get a bill from insurance for thousands. Ugh. I hate how you can go to a routine OB visit, do nothing out of the ordinary, it lasts only 20 min… and then next thing you know it costs $1000. I just wish they would tell you what things cost before they do them. “It’s like buying a car without seeing the price tag”. That’s what my midwife said. It sucks. It’s not her fault. It just sucks. 
  • @brookejay06 omgggg 100% agree. I feel like I literally have zero idea how much of anything is being covered or how much we owe until that envelope arrives in the mail. 
  • @MrsLaLaBug which ideas from the dream
    home thread will you use if you build a house!? So exciting! Hope your dad is ok. 

    @[email protected] ugh it’s so frustrating when that happens. 
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  • @brookejay06 @MrsLaLaBug oh man that’s the worst!! DD1 had to get stitches last year (she was jumping on the bed during naptime 🙄) and I nearly choked when I got the bill. I’ve always thought it was irritating that my OB bills up front (break the payments up over 4 months and start billing at the beginning of the second tri) and include all visits, basic procedures like US and for delivery - they bill you or reimburse you after birth for any difference, but it’s usually not much. But honestly at least it gives a breakdown of what I’m paying and why and it’s not a surprise!
  • MrsLaLaBugMrsLaLaBug member
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    @b_1029 I have NO idea 😂😂😂 I think my non-pregnant, ADHD medicated, more energetic self would’ve been excited at the prospect of building and picking out ALLLL the things. At this point, I’d rather hire someone to send me ideas and just say yes or no. LMAO! I’m too scatterbrained and indecisive at this point 😂
  • @MrsLaLaBug
    alll the options when you build 😍😍😍
  • @brookejay06 I feel you on those medical bills. My last appointment was 1,400 and that’s with insurance!! What they heck are they doing that costs them so much money? It’s literally a 25 minute appointment with her… We have been looking at the bills we have coming up and we are needing an actual house. Right now we live in an apartment with our son in a 2 bedroom apartment. We now need the space of a house since we have an additional 2 children on the way. We decided on buying a 5 bedroom house which we have been negotiating on. Hopefully will be all good.
  • @stephk2120 @brookejay06 I would legitimately cry if someone handed me a $1000+ medical bill for an appt. That’s just crazy. 😞 
  • @fireflyz_56 I legitimately did.. I thought me being pregnant screwed up our chances of buying a house like legitimately cried for over an hour after seeing this last bill. My hubby had to calm me down cause I was crying like I had never cried before… :(
  • I know it's not Wednesday but the WTF/winning board eagle speaks to me today so here goes it...

    WTF: there's been a noise I've been hearing from my bedroom for maybe a week or so. I've mentioned it to DH and he just said it was probably a loose shingle or something. This morning he woke me up and said he's pretty sure there's a raccoon living in our attic and he had been reading about it for the past hour, and they usually make nests right before they give birth. 😭🤢 Luckily, he works for the county and called his contact over at animal control to talk to them about it. They gave him some suggestions but I'm freaking out over here. Also DS, who usually loves to nap, won't sleep today and I'm exhausted. I need to nap.

    Winning: I let DS make pizza with naan crust today for lunch. I made mine with pepperoni, pineapple, and jalapeno slices. It was delicious! And I don't even have heartburn. 
  • @runninginva 🤢 but better you catch it now before they eventually die in there! My parents had rats die in their walls and wooooooow the smell 🤢🤢.
  • @runninginva ooo now I need pizza for dinner tonight 😋
  • @runninginva yikes!! Hope you get that sorted and get them outta there. We are currently dealing with rats (or something) have died in our bedroom wall and it is so bad! @pajamstagrams what did your parents end up doing? We are told we can wait it out until they eventually stop smelling and dry up 🤮 or cut open our walls. But we literally JUST redid this room and put up all new walls and it’s killing me to think of cutting holes in them trying to find the source. 
  • @runninginva mmm naan bread pizzas is one of our favourite meals. So easy and customizable. I also love pineapple on pizza.

    @coffeemamaaaaa i think you would have to get them out of there as soon as you can. Is there a way to snake a camera up into the ceiling to see what’s going on first? Also, definitely don’t leave them in there to die… @pajamstagrams is right, the smell would be unbearable. Plus, raccoons are bigger than rats, so it would take a lot longer to decompose. 🤢

    You didn’t describe the kind of noise but we had a random light banging noise every so often and it turned out to be a piece of loose siding.
  • It was definitely still living last night. My husband put a trap up there and if we catch it, we're just supposed to call animal control and they'll come pick it up. Hoping this happens sooner rather than later. I'm so sorry y'all are dealing with rats. Yuck!!
  • @coffeemamaaaaa my dad managed to pinpoint the exact spot where they died and cut a small whole in the wall, patch it up, and repaint. You can't really even tell anymore. 
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