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GTKY: New Year's Resolutions

Do you typically make a New Year's Resolution? If so, what have been your best or worst resolutions?

Re: GTKY: New Year's Resolutions

  • I have in the past. But last year, my brother (who's a recovering addict-three years!) Shared a quote with me that changed my mind about how I make goals. "Expectations are inversely related to peace of mind" or something- I guess it's an AA thing. So now I make my expectations kind of low, and then I feel good about what I've accomplished and don't feel worried that I won't get what I want done. 

    Also this. 

    May be an image of animal and text that says my only plans for 2022 unbothered moisturized happy in in my lane focused flourishing

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  • @doxiemoxie212 LOVE this. I started seeing stuff about how we should all just go into 2022 real slow and just exist and be fine with it, and I love the idea that we're all exhausted from existing in the current reality and maybe we could just give ourselves some grace and rest a little. 
  • For 2021 the only resolution type thing I made was to read 15 books in the year.  I hadn't been reading, like, at ALL prior, and it was really something I wanted to get back into.  So I set up a Goodreads account and got to reading and surpassed my goal!  I knew it was a low number, but I wanted to give myself space to fall into ruts if it happened- which it did - and I still went past my goal AND rekindled my love of reading.  I'm going to up my goal for 2022 by a little bit- giving myself grace with having a new baby and whatnot - but I'm hoping I can keep it going. 
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  • @minnie_yoga_mama a couple years ago I kept a jar kind of like that - my goal was to write down something good that had happened each week. It was fun to read back at the end of the year, but I also ended up writing more than one thing each week. It really got me noticing all the little things. 
  • I don’t do resolutions because I have too much guilt over not being able to change something in my life like a resolution usually requires. I’ll do okay with it for a bit and then fall off the wagon and beat myself up about it. Usually in the beginning of the year, though, I set a goal for some kind of personal achievement I want to shoot for that year— last year’s was to start trying to get pregnant lol and the year before that I made the goal of sitting for my IBCLC boards. One year it was to run a half marathon. @shlecks I do the Goodreads reading goal, too, and I never thought of it as a “resolution”! I didn’t meet it in 2020 but this year I passed it and it’s such a good feeling!
  • In the past I’ve made resolutions related to races I wanted to compete in, number of books I wanted to read, travel I wanted to do, etc. This year I didn’t quite meet my book goal of 25 books, but I did get an awesome forensic evaluator job and run my half marathon, which were my other resolutions. 

    For 2022, I’m not going to make any specific ones. I’m starting the year in the third trimester and will be living that newborn life in the middle, so it seems like a good year to just be at peace with life where it’s at. But I’d also like to make steps towards longer-term goals, like getting board certified and getting back into triathlon shape. 
  • Not resolutions, but let’s say financial and family objectives. H and I carve out time and go alone to breakfast or a coffee shop and we bring our ideas. We treat it like a serious business meeting with no phones or distractions. Sometimes it’s a lame list like: new fridge, save xx, but sometimes it’s like “take epic trip to xx”. I always feel really happy and proud when we accomplish them and it makes me feel like we are growing and scaling which is something that makes me happy (I’m business-minded, I know).
  • I love the idea of goals instead of resolutions! I’d like to keep my body moving during pregnancy and post partum, whatever that looks like. I’ve been sidelined this week with a cold and all I want to do is get out and take a long walk!
  • These are my goals for the new year:
    1) This year we were terrible with sticking to our budget. So my goal for this year is to do a much better job at keeping up with balancing our budget on a regular basis so that we can make better financial decisions and pay off some debt. 
    2) I bought a Peloton right before I got pregnant and then couldn't keep up with it when I was too sick. I put my membership on hold for now, but once I get the green light after baby comes I want to pick it up again and stick to a regular schedule. This is for me/self care time and overall health and fitness.
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