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Eli or Elliott?

Having a baby any day and still undecided. I like both but don’t love Eli as a nn for Elliott. Big brother is Anderson, middle name will likely be Alexander though it doesn’t have to be. My husband definitely prefers Elliott but is open to both. My hesitations on the name Elliott are that our good friends have a daughter Ellie and Elliott is my mother-in-law’s maiden name so all four of her boys (my husband’s brothers) have it as a middle name. Not sure if that’s a pro or con, I like that it’s a family name but not that literally the whole family has it. Would love to hear your thoughts!

Re: Eli or Elliott?

  • You like Eli but not as a nn for Elliott? Hb Elijah nn Eli? I don’t think Eli is a complete name by itself, it’s a nn for something. He will go by what you call him, so if you name him Elliott but only call him Eli, others will too. 
  • Personally I love the name Elliott. It's my friends' baby and he goes by "E" instead of Eli. 
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  • I love Elliott. Only problem there is spelling (a friends is with two Ls and one T. Also we live in a time where more kids change their names related to gender and things and Elliott is also a more gender neutral name. Also love the nod to family history. Forget what your friends kid is called. It won’t really matter. 
  • Me and my spouse named ours Elliot and we will sometimes say "Eli" as a nickname. So you can technically have both :) 
  • There are so many boys named Eli nowadays. I’d go with Elliott! We have an Eli, but Elliott was on our list too!
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