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Weekly Randoms Week of 12/27

I have no GIF game so here's this. Hope its ok I posted!
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Re: Weekly Randoms Week of 12/27

  • We live in the PNW and got 6 inches of snow yesterday! Today was super cold (high of 23 degrees), so I worked from home rather than risking the roads. It was nice because the whole family was home (DH’s work closed due to the weather and DS4’s preschool had to shut down due to a COVID case). It was like extending the Christmas holiday, except that I was on my computer most of the day lol 
  • @monstera13 My sisters live in Seattle and they came here to NC for Christmas… They were looking at all the snow in Seattle while here it was 75 degrees outside yesterday! 
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  • My 3 year old loves playing baseball and doesn't want to use a tee, only wants you to pitch to him. I've discovered that pitching is hard, I instinctively throw the ball to him so he just gets hit. When I do manage to throw it over the plate, it is so hard to get it low enough to be in his hit or strike zone. 
    All of this to say: we had a good time at the park today with his new baseball gear trying to figure it out. Good thing he is so understanding 
  • Watched The Unforgivable and Don't Look Up yesterday on Netflix - recommend both if you're looking for a movie to watch this week!
  • I watched Don't Look Up a couple days ago!  It was really good!  I also watched Being the Ricardos which was surprisingly good!  I didn't know how I felt about Nicole Kidman playing Lucille Ball but she was so great.
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  • @fameonmain2 is Don't Look Up a satire? 

    Sidenote I was telling H about this movie the other day and was telling him who was in it and I was like, "Leo Dicaprio, J Law and that dude from Superbad who drew penises compulsively" and he looked at me and was like, " I am too old for you to say "J Law" to me and expect me to know who that is and also what are you talking about with the penises?" lol
  • @smashjam 😂 at your husband. Yes, it’s a satire, and like any good satire it hit way too close to home! At the end I just looked at MH and said “well now I’m sad.” Meryl Streep is hilarious in it too
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